July 13, 2024

Electronic producer Corey Turner is from Jackson, TN and has opened up for artist like R-Kelly, Justin Beiber, and Usher, among others. Corey is currently plugging his anthem for the ladies, entitled “Belle Fille”. Electro house music continues to entertain the more fun side of the mainstream. Played everywhere from the club to the radio, bringing with it many forms of remixes and provocative dances, this musical style is extremely prevalent today — thus, born in a time when twerking and grinding are the obvious clichés, producers like Corey Turner scramble to produce something cutting-edge.

Alternating between fun, quasi-breaky electro and stadium-filling progressive bass lines, “Belle Fille” brings a powerhouse funky beat to the table. What’s admirable is that Corey is making an active effort to avoid tried-and-true formulas of other, older superstars and peers.

If there’s one thing we know that Corey Turner can do, after listening to “Belle Fille”, is he can craft huge potential hit material. He does throw some solid curves into the mix of the song that is designed to let woman know beauty is as much on the inside of their hearts as it is on the outside.

The song exudes a raw sense of emotion with its driven beat. Though the track seems created for the club circuit, it can also undoubtedly be accepted as a work symbolic of EDM’s crossover into the mainstream, key components of an organic synthesis between the best of both musical worlds. The only thing it lacks for mainstream radio play, is diva-styled anthemic vocals.

The best thing that can be said about “Belle Fille” is it’s not likely that any other artist could have pulled off what he attempted any better – to make an Electro house track sans melodic lead vocals that could also appeal to the mainstream.

It has an extremely hard hitting and irresistible groove to make one monster of a house song. The synths are super catchy as they drive a beat that is very easy to dance to. Perfect for dance parties, as it is for festivals or dance clubs, it’s a downright amazing track considering its fairly simple construction. And that’s probably the magic of Corey Turner.

He manages to put together a booty stirring beat on a skeleton production. Meaning he doesn’t need much to make this thing work as good as it should. I wouldn’t be surprised if “Belle Fille” earns Cory Turner some serious and well-deserved recognition, thrusting him into the limelight.

The lack of vocals –except for the freestyle-sounding adlibs on this track – emphasizes Corey’s production talent, and is a classic example of the high octane electro he can produce.


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