April 18, 2024

HUSTLE GWOP is an upcoming artist from Greenville NC. His latest track is, “Make a Way” (ft. Dirty Nickels prod. by SPLIVOFBEATZ). Underground, raw and edgy, the rapper is handing out free for all street level advice here. He is one of those rare breed of emcees who is able to effectively communicate with all the hip hop community whether it be the streets or the casual fan. At the same time he is one of those who will struggle in the record business, due to which way the industry is looking these days. However for those who appreciate his grind, it’s clear that HUSTLE GWOP perfectly meshes personal commentary with southern culture and booming bass beats, coming out on top. In essence, he’s an every-man’s emcee, with a gift for rhetoric that has no compatibility issues with songwriting.

At any given time, HUSTLE GWOP has a lot on his mind, and freely divulges his opinions. “Make a Way” is a track that takes the energy of hip hop’s rebellious street instincts as its heart and reminds us of their importance. And the production leaves plenty of breathing room for HUSTLE GWOP to execute his narrative.

The artist’s rapping sound’s good.  His flow is smooth, but what makes him stand out is his lean rhyme structures, well-employed references, and conscientious thought processes.  He doesn’t waste words on descriptions that do not directly get the message across.

It’s also a confrontational record of sorts, a drawing of lines, a laying down of the rules if you like, but it’s also essential to understanding where HUSTLE GWOP is coming from. The track is ambitious and incisive, but it’s also charged with a vital energy, which is exciting to listen to.

It gets your mind working, but first it thumps in your chest to put you on the right track.  “Make a Way” is the kind of record that can resonate for years, not just because it reveres the workings of the hood and the streets – but because it understands it, and isn’t afraid to question and answer for it.

It deals with daily struggles without a doubt, but it’s also so much more than that, as it tackles the hustle needed to feed a family. The verses, the production, and the pacing it provides, is vital in the connection between artist and audience here. At no point does it stall under its own weight; nor does it become too light, lessening the impact.

Instead it clearly exhibits appealing vocal differences between artist and feature, while presenting attention-grabbing parallels through the lyrical content. “Make a Way” (ft. Dirty Nickels prod. by SPLIVOFBEATZ) is a compelling hip-hop track. It’s proof that the art is still alive.


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