June 21, 2024

“Work N’ Progress” is the latest 8 track project by Miami Gardens (FL) rapper, Tay the Don. As of late, new sub-genres of hip-hop have been emerging, with audiences finding solace in a disparate number of newcomers. Tay falls into the category of new wave artists who brings a whole bunch of flavors to the table. His mixtape is chock-full of differing styles, different sounds, and varying flows. Listening to the recording is like riding a twisted, inter-dimensional roller-coaster; there’s relaxing parts, there’s adrenaline-raising parts, there’s deep dives, tight turns, and unexpected loops. No two Florida artists are remotely similar, and frequently, they elevate each other to harness the spotlight. We’re on the cusp of Florida becoming rap’s epicenter, snatching the title that Atlanta has held since the turn of the century.

With a serious amount of rap’s conversation pertaining to The Sunshine State’s plethora of buzzing rappers gunning for immediate spotlight, one of the more obscure names, Tay the Don, has every right to sharpen his aspirations. His ever-shifting aesthetic makes him one of the more invigorating underground prospects to come out of the state.

Even if he still has a long way to go to earn his respect. But as he himself admits, it’s all still work in progress. The first three tracks on this mixtape are fairly easy-going and mellow, with the melodic “Flip it” (Prod.Tkay) and “Something You Gotta Know”, being the catchiest of the bunch.

But there are so many memorable songs here that it’s hard to choose a favorite. From tracks like “Fifteen Minutes” to “Nightmare on Elm Street” (Prod.Tkay), and then “Gave it my All”, Tay the Don has carved out a stylistic niche that prevents him from being boxed into any one of rap’s repositories.

He travels through them all. Everything from the vocal arrangements to the song productions on this project feels crafted with meticulous detail. Tay the Don also injects his songs with just the right amount of lyrical bars, melody, and catchy hooks to captivate a wide-ranging audience.

Moreover the EP is a constantly moving collection of warm emotions, soulful voices, and lush instrumentation. It’s such a dynamic and welcome amalgam of sound, showcasing Tay the Don’s ability to have pop appeal and still deliver a record with lyrical substance and technical excellence.

It’s a cool ride as Tay threads dense rhymes through his smooth vocals and catchy refrains. And in the streaming-centric age of bloated mainstream projects, we need to embrace artists who can create recordings like “Work N’ Progress”: a refined effort that puts sonic quality and lyricism at the forefront.

Tay the Don’s “Work N’ Progress” is a comprehensive and multifaceted recording that captures the various sides of not only his artistry but his sensibility. Each track has been carefully considered and placed, and their style is obvious. Tay seems confident and self-assured, and there’s no stopping him from here.

OFFICIAL LINKS: SOUNDCLOUD – Instagram & Twitter: Tay the Don Official

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