June 20, 2024

DeJuan is a Hip-Hop artist from VA. He started out writing his first love song at only 8 years old. It had one chorus and a twenty second verse. By the age of 15, DeJuan was already well aware of his craft, and proceeded to complete his first recording. The beat of “BJ the Chicago Kid ft. Kendrick Lamar – His Pain Instrumental” played on his mother’s TV while he recorded on his iPhone 4 voice memos. It was the first song he uploaded to Soundcloud to get himself heard in 2015, but it wasn’t until 2018 that DeJuan began to grasp the marketing concepts behind the music. Now a 19 year old, DeJuan is confident that he has come to understand the music business a whole lot better, and on January 9th he dropped his official debut single, “Thankful”, to a worldwide audience on all major digital download platforms.

“Thankful”, is a careful refinement of the genre, hunkering down instead of scaling up. The result is a track – and artist – that’s liberated from concerns about regions and charts, homages and features, giving DeJuan ample room to experiment with his style and sound. Instead of hollering, he uses the bottom of his throat to trudge through the hypnotic haze of the beat.

This increased vocal ability adds some serious heft to his lyrics. It works due to its sheer expressiveness, one man going through the motions and chronicling his inner thoughts and emotions – a soliloquy in the purest sense.

An ode to his mother, and to his faith, “Thankful” serves as a conscience of sorts, dialing in on the complexities of interfamily relationships, and acknowledging their importance in personal growth.

DeJuan pours out his soul on this project and he’s not scared to show the highest highs nor the burnt out lows in the development of his psyche. He’s got the music for the vibers. You just drift along with him, seeking to empathize with his narrative, and the unexpected responsibility and gratitude he shows as a very young man.

“Thankful” doesn’t showcase negativity, aggression or blame; it doesn’t point fingers. It certifies, recognizes and supports. DeJuan doesn’t try to put his himself on a higher pedestal; rather he puts himself eye-to-eye with life’s trials and tribulations, and crafts a track so relatable that its idea is something sorely missing in much of hip-hop. It feels human.

This is seriously a release that deserves your full attention. DeJuan is a wordsmith and a storyteller. His skill is palpable as he makes his presence felt by coming in and bodying the track. DeJuan delivers his verses with a blend of smoothness and attitude that gives his music a stamp of identity.

A good first impression leaves a lasting impression, and that’s just what DeJuan does with “Thankful”. He proves he has as much potential as anyone among the new wave of young rappers. If the whole purpose of the single is to make DeJuan’s presence in the rap game known, then it’s safe to say that the mission is accomplished.

The talented freshman comes out swinging for the fences with this single, without making any rookie mistakes. It’s impossible to predict just how good DeJuan can be, but you can be sure he’s not leaving anytime soon.


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