June 20, 2024

Xander is an American artist currently living in Stuttgart, Germany. He has been producing independently for two years, and has released 8 albums in the process. Let me take you on trip into Xander’s latest track, “Savage” produced by himself. This is a song that could be played in clubs and in cars, and even in bedrooms of stoners everywhere. Here the artist brings us the new wave of trap music. The song begins with a very moody, personal, dizzying intro, setting the perfect tone for the track; and getting you into a hypnotic, dreamy state of mind, as Xander rolls out cleverly odd, and mysteriously cryptic rhymes.

It’s a genre-bending release that exists in that musically ambiguous gray area between hip hop, pop, and electronica. Instead of taking the easy way out and depending too heavily on what his contemporaries or peers are doing, Xander shows a commitment to originality by keeping the production fresh.

The electronic undertones in this song creates such a captivating feel. The lyrics webbed with addictive and hedonistic references have been paired with the darkest but electrifying strong bass line that really gives the track sublime energy.

The track has a consistent ambient, down-tempo, spacey feel that complement Xander’s flow and perceived persona perfectly. At the same time Xander displays a strong way of making you zone out and forgetting your worries while listening to this track, as you zoom in on his unsettling rhymes.

What differentiates Xander from most rappers is that he understands the importance of mood and atmosphere. And since he does all of his own production, he has the freedom to mold each song to match his imaginative lyrical themes. It makes his music feel more personal, and paints a clearer picture of the artist himself and what he’s thinking.

Moreover, you also get a sense that this is Xander realizing that what makes him great, besides his production, is the stories he has to tell, and that he can do whatever he wants as an independent artist, which gives him an even more persuasive creative edge.

His voice is significantly more wicked sounding than what you initially comprehend, with a step-by-step flow which makes the listener pay attention to each and every phrase. His flow truly comes alive under the comfortable cover of the 808 bassline and the mellowness of the keys.

“Savage” is an interesting experience for those wishing to expand their minds from the daily mainstream fodder. Here you’ll find an artist who sounds passionate and invested in his project. To put it simply, I found something in Xander that I could respect.

His talent is a big part of that respect, but it goes beyond that. Xander is flexing and stretching his skills because he has an artistic vision that wants to touch unexplored areas of the genre. And that makes me feel something, vital and important about his performance.


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