June 16, 2024

Yorke is an alternative independent R&B singer and rapper, ready to breakout via the internet like many of his more famous contemporaries and peers have done in the past. He has moody and emotional sound which will surely gain him attraction from a large urban music audience. Relationship and sexual dramas play out across his tracks as peels back the curtain on some explicit bedroom scenes.

This was particularly true of the track, “Out In Cancun” (Prod. fawcett x Kevin Leyva). On his latest track “Love N Hate (Tell Me The Difference)”, Yorke moves deeper into the psycho-emotional aspect of relationships. The type of vision, instinct and execution displayed on this track can’t be taught or faked, and shows that Yorke’s musical persona is able to evolve in real, human ways, from track to track.

Striking a perfect balance between tastefulness and excess, he spells out his aesthetic on this track’s sweeping production. Using the trickery of soft restraint he mesmerizes the listener’s senses, coaxing them into his world of contrasting emotions. The hypnotic, pained vocals only amplify the song’s magnetism.

The track begins with dark ethereal keys, before Yorke’s silky falsetto voice starts the song, the percussion punctuating the verse every now and then to accommodate the vocal runs he executes with no obvious hard work.

Yorke’s references to the overlapping contradictions of love and hate are not camouflaged by cryptic lyrics, as he rather goes for direct mention, directing the listener to the smooth relief his voice brings without having to distract attention when not necessary.

The track cuts through the usual R&B swirling and shows the ease with which Yorke can immerse himself in the deeper end of the genre’s spectrum and show off his philosophy on life with the words. From the vocal delivery to the production, “Love N Hate (Tell Me The Difference)” transcends time, as you get suspended in its narcotized aesthetic.

Yorke’s falsetto vocals add soul to the track while his reflective lyrics describe a prisoner to break free from emotional afflictions and love. He brings laceration and burning desire into the same room. Listen and get lost in this warped, and sometimes cruel yet beautiful world of York’s personally experiences.

The singer appears to know who he is and what he needs so well, that you cannot help being hooked by his narrative. The real star here is, as can be expected from an R&B singer, his voice, tapping at the uppermost fragile glass of his register without ever breaking it.

Like it or not, “Love N Hate (Tell Me The Difference)” is one of those songs that you cannot escape, once you press play. Yorke has constructed a track that is rich in emotion and atmosphere, all while remaining accessible enough for him to attempt commercial success. The song is complete with a catchy hook that is sure to stick in your head and an overall impressive and versatile vocal performance from Yorke.


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