July 12, 2024

SwiF CrooK is a rapper and producer born in LA and raised in Louisiana. SwiF has lived a dark and troubled life but has always kept a positive outlook, using his music as a catalyst to relieve him of his trials and tribulations.  SwiF CrooK has released a series of tracks and is currently promoting “Stack Hunnas”. It’s clear that good rap equals good storytelling, and rappers hoping to be taken seriously increasingly structure their work as an analogue to cinema. “Stack Hunnas” is indeed like a feature film.  SwiF CrooK’s microphone skills are undeniable, and his swagger formidable, while his lyrics are both streetwise and of substance. Staying true to his chameleon-like ability to transition between vocal patterns and flows, we are reminded on this track that when SwiF CrooK’s blesses us with his impacting rhymes, we need only hush up and listen.

With complete emotional resiliency translated throughout, what we are left with on “Stack Hunnas” is confirmation that this track’s narrative so rich it will activate your third eye, which is SwiF CrooK’s strong suit – visionary story telling.

The track kicks off with a suspenseful start and when the beat drops SwiF CrooK starts talking slick and heavy. The song has a slow and steady beat that gives you an alternative feeling. There is also a feeling of overcoming adversity and the song ends with charismatic words.

SwiF CrooK seems to be taking his experiences, packaging them as philosophical presentations set to music, and allowing people to relate to it. This is a conscious and considerate outing that accounts for rivalries, troubles and dominance.

As a whole, “Stack Hunnas” is grade-A record that lessens the aspects of mainstream-accessibility ever so slightly, and heightens the use of a classy psychedelic beat.

SwiF CrooK rhymes are pure gold and as vivid as always. Through all his creativity, in the beat and the vocal effects, SwiF never strays from making a listenable rhyme, and his flow takes on an insistent hypnotic pattern that does a good job filling out the airspace.

The theme is mature, and respectable within a hustle; SwiF CrooK clearly has a conscience and understands the repercussions for any past actions. In places he becomes somewhat of an inspirational speaker, telling the listeners about his trials and tribulations, and blending it in with his cinematic motif.

“Talking money. You ain’t got a hunnid, you ain’t got a twenty, you ain’t got a one. Coming from where I come from, we’re born with none. As a kid I had to hustle, play with guns.” His homeboy lyrics are exceptionally direct and to the point, they’re delivered with a determined sincerity and a swaggering voice, backed by a cinematically–styled banging instrumental.

“Stack Hunnas” calls for some serious listening and head bobbing. The seemingly unstoppable momentum of the beat, meets the truly immovable storytelling of his lyricism. This is another vehement mission statement for the next step in SwiF CrooK’s career. But bold predictions aside, it’s a solid-ass single, and absolutely worth checking out.


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