May 30, 2024

David Play is a 24 year old rapper from Chicago who’s been rapping for about 7 years now. He started releasing music regularly and professionally at the start of 2018. He loved to rap but doesn’t want to always box himself in as just a rapper. His end goal is to just make music and end up trying everything.

The two songs that are being promoted are from a collab EP by David Play and 15 year old, Maryland producer, called Sorted. Only 15 and his production is crazy. He loves all kinds of styles but reigns supreme with boom bap beats. Sorted has incredible music knowledge for his age and is very humble.

The tracks on radio rotation are – David Play – “So Cold” prod. by Sorted and David Play – “Paragraphs” prod. by Sorted.

David Play x Sorted – “See Me” EP Soundcloud link:

David Play Soundcloud profile:
David Play Twitter profile:

Sorted Soundcloud profile:
Sorted Twitter profile:
Sorted YouTube profile:

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