April 16, 2024

PBLO is an independent recording artist, producer and videographer, based in Lisbon, Portugal. He is currently promoting his single “May Bakc” Prod. by JoeyFuturistic . An atmospheric track that quickly sets the psychedelic trap tone, and plays out like a four minute rollercoaster of thrills, chills and unrivaled pulsating energy. As an overall product, it’s a brilliant tapestry of subtle elements that position the Portuguese virtuoso as the closest underground thing to this generation of trap hit-makers. The way PBLO’s music seamlessly shifts from trap anthems to autotune-driven psychedelia is genuinely thrilling to listen to.

PBLO croons over a bass-heavy beat, which maintains a steady-paced instrumental with a hypnotic sound. Lyrically and flow-wise, he is up to the genre’s usual concepts. What does Trap music do for you? Does it make you feel cool? Does it make you feel understood? Does it make you cry? Does it make you want to change the world?

Historically, we’ve asked the best music to meet all of these tasks, and celebrated emotionally intelligent, narratively dense works, along the way. “May Bakc” can be judged as a high-water mark of what can be accomplished with Trap as an art form.

If you check out PBLO’s other tracks, it can be proved that he is an incredibly gifted artist, who with every project attempts to push the boundaries of his music. Though he is a product of this new wave of melodic music infused with psychedelic and trap sounds, PBLO takes this sound and truly makes it his own creating a project that stands out as one of his best tracks.

He also delivers a strong vocal performance through the use of layered and pitched vocals, where he is able to capture an ethereal atmosphere.

During the song, PBLO also switches his flow and delivers a more hard hitting verse that captures the energetic nature of his performances. He immediately demonstrates his superb ability to create a vibe by delivering that verse which just further reinforces how hard this track goes in.

The production is spectacular, giving the song an unpredictable feel that is just intoxicatingly different. PBLO also delivers a punchy and vibrant chorus to round the song off nicely. From the rollercoaster production to the cotton candy melody, PBLO delivers.

“May Bakc” has all the strengths of his other projects: grandiose production, hypnotizing vocals, and an infectious melody. It is a wild ride, an adrenaline-fueled look into the dark mind of an artist seemingly armed with far-reaching potential.

The song is finely polished and starts with a simmer and then heats to a boil. There’s a heightened attention to detail that makes for captivating twists and turns. Unpredictable and eerie at times, there are textures and layers to be explored and revisited.

Sure PBLO can make beats, rap, and sing, but his true talent lies in his ambitious vision. If he keeps up this pace, he’ll soon be approaching rare company.


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