April 19, 2024

Born in the neighborhood of Far Rockaway, Queens NYC, like most authentic rappers, Money Bagz was molded by his experiences and surroundings. He struggles began with kidney reconstructive surgery at the age of 2, from where he went on to be home schooled because of his temper.  He spent a short time in Rikers, and would later suffer the collapsing of both lungs due to a serious stabbing incident, both of which set him back months in his quest to be an artist.

Overcoming all these obstacles, he is now a battle league veteran, and has won Bet Freestyle Friday, as well as been featured on Vlad TV and TheSource.com. In 2018 he signed to independent label 6569ent, and recently dropped his latest track “Make It Out”.

Full of pain, tragedy, and hope, “Make It Out” is a step by step expose on the hood, street life, poverty and trying to hustle a dime within a system perfectly engineered to exclude the downtrodden and hapless. When Money Bagz details the depths that those around him have to sink to on their daily grind, it strikes something of a nerve.

By the time the track is over, it’s understood that something very authentic just came through the speakers. “Make It Out” is an exception to so many rules. It’s more than about a good beat, or how much ground it breaks creatively. That’s not what this man is striving for.

He came to the table bringing a serious narrative of the struggles of the everyday man, and along the way delivered a great beat and a whole lot of creativity in the process. That being said, it’s worth noting the progress that Money Bagz has made. His enunciation, cadence and overall songwriting have in fact evolved from previous releases.

It really doesn’t matter whether you liked Money Bagz or not, once you hear his new stuff you’ll know it’s a big deal. He has powerful motivation behind his storytelling, as he unabashedly expresses the pain of street life and makes you listen to it.

It’s unfortunate, but pain and struggles makes for great hip-hop. This makes sense since the genre was birthed in the morass of misfortune. And as Money Bagz has seen his fair share of throbbing discomfort, this makes his lyrical content that much more profound and complex.

On “Make It Out” the narrative recites how the rapper invites a rich man down to his neighborhood to witness events first hand. Here Money Bagz’s knack for capturing acute moments of the struggles and street tales, details some severe consequences.

There can be no doubt that he is an authentic spitter and a vivid storyteller. Money Bagz’s ability to capture emotion and true-to-life storylines is uncanny, and along with his supple flow, is one of his bright spots. Money Bagz does more real stuff with his syllables than most rappers are doing with whole bars right now!


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