June 23, 2024

The mix of smooth flowing and gritty impassioned vocals, together with the verses, the choruses, the instrumental, and every aspect of “Ride With Me” by Nomad Kulture overwhelmingly satisfying to the ears. The track shines in highs of impeccable production and measured vulnerability. In the middle lies smooth melody and subtle emotion, all of which do a great service to the single. The artist takes influence from various genres, trends and sounds along the way. The song exists in between the Trap and R&B genres, but there’s also heavy influence from Soul and Alternative sounds. “Ride With Me” is a platform for Nomad Kulture to get introspective and personal. This largely amounts to lyrical thoughtfulness over an earworm sound that’s digestible and very nutritious.

The track ditches the culturally borrowed beats and excessive bravado of his contemporaries, for an unexpectedly strong, melody-filled vocal performance from Nomad Kulture. It’s where he feels at home, free to spread his wings and truly create the music that flows naturally out of him.

In a world of identikit Auto-Tune effects, there’s also something genuinely creative about how “Ride With Me” continually manipulates its narrator’s voice, slathering on the robot effects in ways that sounds engaging rather than wearyingly familiar.

The blend of late-night desperation, and warbling codas at work here represents a welcome return to the spark and the infectious mood that made this genre blend so captivating in the first place. Nomad Kulture captures the doubts and desires of relationships, as he invites his girl to ride with him, one last time.

Structurally, “Ride With Me” shows the artist’s emotional journey. Notwithstanding the controversial line, “spin your bullshit, just don’t feed me lies,” he sings softly throughout the song, while the muted shimmers of organ riffs churn unstably, reflecting how he is still stuck in the middle space of both still caring and wishing he no longer did.

The electronic, yet gentle sounds, soften the blow of his direct and brutally honest words, while the smoothness and sincerity of Nomad Kulture’s voice is enough to please any urban music fan. From verse to verse you can’t help but to feel the deep emotions that are generated from this project.

The D.C. based singer-songwriter sounds great on here as he sings out his frustrations and hopes. It’s the type of song you put on replay mode late at night while contemplating your own unstable situation. This track has purpose and it’s by no means for entertainment only, as Nomad Kulture is trying to send a message too.

All throughout, Nomad Kulture doesn’t need to scream or shout on “Ride With Me”, it’s his cutting lyrics that highlight, both the displeasure and the hope, left in his heart. Mixed and mastered by Chris McMasters, the production gives the song a chill, eerie feel, full of suspense, very much befitting the narrative.

This track is unapologetically addictive. In just under four minutes Nomad Kulture manages to combine all aspects of his musicality so eloquently, in a song which is capable of standing out on its own.


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