April 19, 2024

Boston’s Akili Richardson – AKA Cilo BGR teamed up with the 1 We Us Music Mission where, together they have created Truth Syrum Rap. Having grown up in NYC’s South Bronx, Akili was attracted to the music and culture of rap and began writing lyrics at a young age.

Early on Akili performed with the Chosen Few which gained some notoriety at clubs and events in the Bronx, Manhattan and Queens. After relocating near Boston Cilo BGR became a founding member of B.O.E, headed by E-banger, which evolved into Gotham City Boys G.C.B. headed by Ricky Bats.

As part of G.C.B Cilo BGR has performed at places like the Hard Rock Café, Wonderbar, Opus, Middle East and countless other Venues. He also played a role in “Rise of a City” a Gotham City Boys album.

Akili Richardson – AKA Cilo BGR is on radio rotation with the track “Time Foe Change”.

1 thought on “Akili Richardson AKA Cilo BGR – “Time Foe Change”

  1. What a powerful song and video! My boy and I just watched it together. Thank you for making music about climate change! Can you please tell Kili that Coldy Cole says hi and we miss him! We’d love it if he emailed us!

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