April 19, 2024

Danish emcee Ronald Mkiza has been steadily putting cool sounds for a while now. He recently teamed with songstress, Tina G, on his single “Look Up”, which is one of the Copenhagen-based artist’s most catchy tracks to date. Inspiring and uplifting, Tina and Ronald fill the song moving and encouraging messages throughout: “You better look up, don’t let your life get you down, look up. Change your mind turn around, look up”. The positive intentions are clear from the outset. Mkiza’s charisma is infectious and his music is designed to get you moving and thinking about how to reorganize your prerogatives in life. In a world full of rap music that is laced with expletives and sexually charged, violent and negative lyrics, those rappers who make it a point to produce positive clean music are like a breath of fresh air.

“I’m a survivor, got that on my resume,” raps Ronald. “My pain and my depression, turned into a blessing. No curse getting the best of me. Honestly, this is how to be astonishing. I survived my past, got my future looking promising.” Clearly Ronald Mkiza is a man on a personal mission.

He has worked out his own life’s puzzle, and is showing us how it’s done. It’s obvious that his songs have meaning and not just a lot of random rubbish that rhymes, about gang fights, girls, and drugs. He raps about his life and about other people’s lives, and about making it better.

Ronald Mkiza gives listeners the impression of being someone that has struggled through a few personal problems and has finally seen the light in turning his life around. The stuff he says is not just cool, it makes a lot of sense. If you don’t find it inspirational in any way you probably don’t want to see the positive aspects that could change your attitude.

Ronald has a unique flow and style that many rappers don’t have. This could probably be put down to his cultural and geographical status, but his lyrics and storytelling is a major factor to why he will inspire people.

Although it has been seen as largely negative, hip hop has had a myriad of positive influences on society. The fact that hip hop has crossed the cultural divide demonstrates its ability to unify millions of people worldwide, and Ronald Mkiza is a shining example of its power to reach afar.

When someone listens to the genre, he may be doing so for entertainment, but he won’t be able to avoid hearing about the issues the rapper is addressing. Ronald understands this equation extremely well and uses his music as a healing or instructive tool.

So when you press play on “Look Up” ft. Tina G, you’re won’t just be entertained by the banging beat, Tina’s soulful hook, or Mkiza’s flowing rhymes, but you’ll be taken in by the affirmative and  stimulating epistles the Danish rapper is sending out.

There’s just something about this track, whether you’re a rap fan or not. Everything about it is so catchy, so slick, so musically and lyrically tasteful that you can’t help but enjoy it. “Look Up” is the first single from Ronald Mkiza’s weekly song series. The production is handled DJ Pain 1 whose working credits include Ludacris, Jeezy, 50cent, Rick Ross and others.


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