June 23, 2024

Miztah Brown is a Montreal based rapper of Pakistani descent. At the age of 12, he moved to NDG, a neighborhood where he later established his footprint and became known as “Brown.” This sense of belonging further pushed him into songwriting. His upcoming mixtape will feature a variety of local artists, while Miztah is intent on remaining in touch with his roots by collaborating with some Punjabi/Hindi singers in the future. In the meantime he dropped his latest single, entitled “Last Day”. Both lyrical and melodic, Miztah Brown is one of the underground game’s best new artists who has bars and knows how to spit content whether it’s introspective or just plain banging. He’s better than most you will find around nowadays, if you like artists with both substance and playful swagger. When Miztah finds the right beat he’s deadly, and on “Last Day” he’s found the right beat!

Right out of the gate, Miztah Brown demonstrates his mettle with the kaleidoscopic beat on “Last Day”, a veritable state of the moment for the Montreal rapper that covers more ground in three and a half minutes than most rappers do on entire mixtapes.

The beat exudes pumping funky soul, based on the ruggedly real style one might’ve caught across the streets and in the clubs back in the day. Miztah looms large over the beat with a booming voice and smooth flow. In the overcrowded hip-hop marketplace, his unflinching artistry deserves a much bigger audience.

This is another big step for Miztah Brown as he works to be an influential force for future rappers in his own right. There’s grit in his voice and lyrics that will make his words resonate with you even if you don’t relate to the content. His core flow is measured, giving him the space needed between lines to develop a story or just set up a punchline.

He is able to capture what’s happening sonically in today’s contemporary rap without sounding corny like many of his trap and mumble rap contemporaries. On “Last Day” he use a sing-song melodic style, as his ear-popping voice drives the momentum of track, along with the supersonic bassline.

For some emcees that rhyme as well as Miztah Brown does, the choruses and melodies of their songs sound forced rather than fluid. They’re spitters at heart, so it can take time for them to develop strengths other than their bars.

Miztah has broken free from this trend, as he weaves so seamlessly between the chorus melody and the flow of his verses that it will take you a few listens to “Last Day” to consciously differentiate the two. While sharpening his arsenal of skills, Miztah Brown shines a light on his strengths, showing just how vividly he can paint a picture on “Last Day”.

This song proves to be one of his strongest. Miztah tends to create special moments when he rhymes over fleshed out, soulful production, and he does it again on “Last Day”. When you hear the vibe that comes through so clearly in his voice, you’re hearing what amounts to a true moment of catharsis for him.

There may be many acts in today’s hip hop market, but Miztah Brown, more than most, demands attention in this overcrowded scene. He’s dropping quality music!

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