April 11, 2024

DJ & Music Producer Crzy Horse hails from Australia, and currently lives in Berlin, where he plays at the Soda Club. Crzy Horse, who has studied music at the prestigious Berkeley Music School, USA and Point Blank Music School, London, produces House, Techno, and Psy Trance music. You can find the EDM producer playing in festivals and clubs around Australia, Europe and Asia. His latest release is the single “Begging for More”, which is an awesome Bigroom track, featuring fresh new sounds, and progressive and electro elements which thump and groove. The track teases you.

It flicks all the switches, turns all the knobs and checks the lights. It puts out feelers in different directions and gives you hints of your possible destination. Eight bars into the track, and you know that you’re moving. The wheels are up as the ground falls away. Destination still unknown, but the smile on your face is enough to tell everybody you don’t care. It’s the getting there that’s all the fun.

Crzy Horse’s work reminds you of why you love EDM music and how great you feel when it surprises you. The sound quality is also fantastic, and for me this is the closest you will get to experiencing the DJ/Producer live. As an obvious master of underground club music, he has created a masterpiece full of resonating synth sounds and haunting chants that will leave you floored.

The track has such a powerful dance vibe that it keeps you on it. From the beginning, where it starts, up till the last minute of the whole track, this will keep your head moving and your mind wondering what’s next. Your body won’t stay behind either.

For anyone who’s already a Crzy Horse fan, if this track is not a part of your collection, you’re missing out big. For those who don’t yet know the producer and under estimate the power of Crzy Horse — think again. This guy can really make you get into EDM music and you’ll appreciate the fact that you gave him a chance.

Go on. Get your copy. Insert it in your playlist, sit back, but don’t expect to relax. As soon as you grab your drink, you won’t be able sit down again. By that time, “Begging for More” will have your speakers pumping blood.

Crzy Horse is going to take you on a trip where you’re going to dance and sweat your ass off. He knows exactly what clubbers want, and therefore spins a different breed of House music. Wicked, electronic and exuberant, “Begging for More” is a sublime representation of a different facet of house music – a progressive one.

To understand this music as it is here, one must embrace and immerse oneself within the creative freedom that Crzy Horse delivers with unrelenting ferocity, as he kicks up the energy, pulse and atmosphere. This is Crzy Horse displaying the type of forward-thinking producing that defines him within the genre. Ultimately, this is what separates the amateur from the professional.


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