April 16, 2024

Aesop Mack is an artist, songwriter and producer from McCormick, South Carolina. He recently dropped his latest track, entitled “Renounce” produced by HH Beatz. Following the untimely deaths of Lil Peep and XXXTentacion, you could perhaps be forgiven for assuming that the emo rap wave would gradually fade out. Instead artists like Aesop Mack continue to take emo rap to inventive new heights. The artist makes songs that stick, his effects-filled vocal capturing what it feels like to be in pain, and feeling a sense of sadness and loss. “Renounce” is a tender love song that communicate what it’s like to be on the edge of heartbreak even in the thralls of infatuation, showing a deeper level of introspection than you might expect from this kind of artist.

Aesop Mack impressively honors regular rap and pop while taking it in a thrilling new direction. Emo artists often make a point of disconnecting from the more lyrical threads of their core genre, but Aesop actively embraces them. Not by emulating machine-gun rap verses or vicious hard-hitting flows, but rather by delivering carefully thought out lyrics, in his own melodic style.

He pours his heart out about a doomed romance, hoping that the girl won’t renounce his love. The track shows how the new wave of emo artists can honor tradition without losing sense of their own individuality.

Aesop Mack represents a brand of music that is introspective, dark, melodramatic, and powerfully melodic. What separates him from the pack is his knack for storytelling, which he does poetically.

He uses visually descriptive lyrics that act as an ally to the raw emotions in his voice, as he takes listeners through the experiences of his life. Sadness and heartbreak aren’t pleasant experiences, and music often acts as a medium of expression through which an artist can begin to heal. His lyrics are ultimately earworms.

On “Renounce”, Aesop Mack proves himself to be an expert in emo rap – an iteration of trap music that joins hip hop production with melodic rifts akin to those used by pop-punk bands. It’s a promising and inevitable sub-genre.

On paper, it seems to be an odd combination but it isn’t hard to see that for the past two years trap and tears have become all the rage amongst the new generation. That said, it almost always gets executed poorly; often because of emotionless delivery. That’s not the case with Aesop Mack.

For the most part, Aesop Mack gets deep and sensitive, liberating his burdened mind and soul. His saddened apprehensive lyrics describing his fears and doubts. From the seemingly sincere lyrics to the equally candid delivery, Aesop truly goes with his gut feelings, and lays down his plea honestly…”hopefully you don’t renounce my love.” Aesop Mack certainly does make a compelling case for himself on “Renounce”.


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