May 18, 2024

Wayal is a Recording Artist/Music Producer living in Southside Atlanta GA. He is determined to pioneer a new sound and wave to the music world. His new self-written single, titled “Love Comes N Goes” is a blend of Pop, Country and Trap. Wayal, who says that his main focus is to establish a fan base and build a bond with every listener, has been racking up the numbers on Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube. While the trap elements are clearly there, the track was built on a melody that could be found on a standard country or pop record. On top of that are the sultry laidback tones of the singer.

It’s a song that effortlessly darts across genre lines. This is a track that takes three types of music and molds it into something completely different, allowing Wayal to cement himself as one of the most unpredictable, and unexpected artists to arrive on the scene.

In reality, this is Wayal taking a gigantic risk while showing the world he’s willing to put himself out there in the name of creating something special. “Love Comes N Goes” sways back and forth in theme, as it paints a picture of an artist unafraid of how his venture outside of his contemporaries’ typical fare will be received. Interspersed among this unusual delivery is an twisted love story.

Wayal has created a song with simple yet stirring poetry that brings him down to eye-level with his audience. He has managed to find that difficult balance between music that’s easy to listen to, while still crossing over genre boundaries in a unique way.

At its core, “Love Comes N Goes” paints a picture of an artist doing everything he can to break outside of the typical trap and rap structure that’s become the gold standard of modern day music.

Here we have ourselves a track that stands alone in the crossover world as an unprecedented effort as well as an exercise in breaking out of your comfort zone.

With his new release Wayal seems to want to build a reputation as an innovator who can do so much more than just the usual genre clichés. From the clean strummed guitars, to the trap styled drums, and the unpretentious, nonchalant vocal delivery, Wayal captures your attention bar by bar, and refuses to let go. He inhabits his newfound country-pop-trap vibe so naturally that you may wonder whether this was part of his business plan since being a toddler.

It may sound like a sprawling hodge-podge, when explained, but all this works better than you’d expect, once you listen to “Love Comes N Goes”. Just bring a pair of open-minded ears, and you’ll discover that Wayal is a smart, fun, and persuasive, new wave, pop songsmith. The real interesting part, of course, is to see where he decides to go from here!


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