July 23, 2024

2nde is an independent American hip hop artist based in Philadelphia, Pa. His album “Start off Heavy” is available on all major streaming platforms. On this 10 track recording, 2nde shows that he is more than willing to experiment and toss new ingredients into his pot in order to cook up a variety of tasty musical meals. 2nde has forged an enthusiasm for going with, across, and against the grain, in an effort to stand out among his peers. Those qualities exist in variable dimensions on these tracks, where he effortlessly shifts between energies on songs that somehow manage to be both soothing and ravaging.

The songs on “Start off Heavy” move from being introspective, to dynamic, and about as vibrant as rap can be. The songs are layered and loaded with radiant instrumentation and richly resonant vocals, and rarely take time to breathe.

It’s a welcome addition to a genre that has become so occupied with spacey, bare-bones operations and overly simplistic results. Exuding unyielding confidence and overabundance of self-assurance, 2nde carries himself with uncanny energy and a great attention to detail.

“Start off Heavy” is overstuffed with ideas across its 1o tracks, but not a single second of its run-time is wasted; one of the rare modern rap albums that is all killer, no filler. As soon as you listen to the first few tracks you can tell that the lyrics of the album are its focal point.

The lyrics are very thoughtful and quotable, yet taking all the liberty necessary in being himself, 2nde created songs that sounds like he genuinely enjoyed making. This gives the album a sense of freedom.

From tracks like “Moon Stone”, to “Fiddler On The Roof”, which are both on radio rotation, it is easy to find a track that suits your taste. If you have not yet listened to “Start off Heavy” yet, I encourage you to give it a listen now! You can currently follow 2nde on INSTAGRAM and download his album on APPLE MUSIC.



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