June 24, 2024

Ajani Hendrick loyalists who have been waiting for new music from the multifaceted R&B, soul and pop artist hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa, will be delighted to hear his latest single, “Thank God You Cheated”, is available right now! Despite his vocal suppleness, his music is often just edgy enough that it can’t be snugly fit into broad-strokes mass marketing campaigns. Arriving after the impressive debut, “If You Didn’t Know”, Ajani’s new single rises to the occasion with a focused and well-balanced brew of slow groove, introspective lyrics and bitter-sweet melody. Inspired by artists like Ed Sheeran, Usher, Chris Brown, and Drake, Ajani Hendrick’s musical journey began in his early teens, when he first started playing the piano, encouraged by his parents.

The bulk of the track finds a pleasing and consistent groove that is romantic yet gritty, smooth yet appealingly angular. The pairing of salacious verses with resonant and melodious piano ostinatos makes for an entry with wide appeal.

Veering from sensitive laments to passionate croons, the desired effect of slow-burning arousal is achieved, as Ajani lays his cards on the table about a cheating partner. Layered with enrapturing harmonies and yearning tones, the words may be simple, but they resound with sincere earnestness as Ajani exhales each line over the assertive sway of the rhythm track.

“Thank God You Cheated” which lyrically paints a picture of a man breaking free from a wicked spell – afflicted, but unloaded of a weighted burden. The song showcases everything that makes Ajani Hendrick such a talented balladeer. Vocally, he has the range to fill in the spaces left unoccupied by an instrumental arrangement that puts the emphasis on a steady and entrancing groove.

Ajani’s comfort with addressing subject matter that is intimate comes through in this song. The track’s arrangement is hypnotic with both the drums and bass creating a spinning sensation that falls in line with the imagery that the singer draws with his lyrics.

R&B and Soul music has not enjoyed the commercial success of Pop and Hip Hop music has of late nor has it had a fresh singular champion to carry the genre to heights comparable to those more notable forms. This hasn’t yet rung a death knell to R&B and Soul but it does mark that the current landscape is dominated by fluff. This is where Ajani Hendrick comes into the picture.

Ajani is a heart-stirring singer ready to make his mark in a world. Perhaps he is that unsung champion capable of changing the genre’s stagnation. Ajani does his best to show diversity and courage in a time where many of his fellow artists offer sophomoric material in comparison.

Ajani Hendrick may not be an international household name just yet, and that is indeed unfortunate. An artist of his talent certainly deserves more than late night radio spins and sparse daytime play. With his latest project, “Thank God You Cheated”, perhaps Ajani will get the credit he rightly deserves.


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