April 18, 2024

Calvin Alexander is a song writer and author with over 15 songs to his credit. Born and raised in Chicago Illinois, he is the youngest of four siblings. He started his career in novels and has now carried his passion into songwriting. Alexander feels that songs and books are a doorway into the heart. He enjoys being able to help others see the reality of the world and the joys that life offers. I am ashamed that it took me so long to discover this classic soulful voice. Now I am playing catch-up and have just grabbed a listen to his eloquent romantic ode, “Starstruck”. It is so hard for artists like Alexander to get their individual shine in mainstream media, as they bring along clean positive material. I am totally in love with his music now, especially the romantic songs, like this one. His lyrical content and seductive melodies make for an inspiring evening.

Calvin Alexander is a serious up and coming R&B/Soul singer-songwriter and as long as he continues to stay true to himself, I see him being around for many years to come. Imagine an R&B singer who possesses the vocal sensibilities of both Curtis Mayfield and the missing D’Angelo. Then give him the songwriting abilities of Raphael Saadiq and Musiq Soulchild.

He may have all of these components, but he is no one else but himself; a soulful balladeer whose music is more of an experience and a journey than just something good to listen to. Alexander’s track, “Starstruck” is old school R&B, far removed from the turgid muck that currently passes through the genre now.

In his songwriting, Calvin Alexander explores all the sides to love and life – the glorious, the wonderful, and the hurtful – with equal sincerity and depth. Here he is looking towards the glorious and wonderful…and remains…starstruck.

Without the current spate of explicit ideas embedded into the song, Alexander allows the listener to fully enjoy this journey of music, evoking feelings of belonging rather than sheer bedroom fantasy.

The sincerity and eloquence of the singer only enhances the trip. The tale told is from the perspective of a man who feels far more for a possible partner, than he believed he could. The song showcases a myriad of nuances, quietly opening up a glimpse towards Alexander’s talent.

The grand cool smoothness of Alexander’s music production allows the feeling of his voice and words to propel, exuding heartfelt emotion. “Starstruck” proves that Calvin Alexander is superbly talented and diverse. His performances are extremely consistent and compelling, not to mention passionate.

The song leaves listeners serene and touched, making it unquestionably an asset to contemporary soul/R&B collections. One quick listen to the track, and it’s clear that Calvin Alexander is well on his way to satisfying his potential.

The man is definitely a Grade-A balladeer. “Starstruck may not get the commercial love that mainstream artists get, but this is a track that certainly deserves to be mentioned alongside the works of those artists.

You can grab your copy of the track from ITUNES

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