April 18, 2024

HasenChat Music is a New Dance Label from Germany. They release songs in the styles of: House, Dance, Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, Chill Out. With ever-splintering global scenes and styles, there is no dominant trend, so HasenChat Music covers them all for our enjoyment. Their exquisitely-shaped beats gurgle and fizz, while others bang and thump, as the melodic themes snake throughout.

On the track “Bring the Sun”, HasenChat Music includes all of the aforementioned elements, wrapping it all up inside a mellow and restrained rhythmic soundscape, allowing the beautiful breathy female vocals to ride the beat with poignancy.

HasenChat Music crafts clouds of chill-sounding cotton candy, like the strains of a symphony being played by an unseen electro orchestra, building and swelling to gentle majestic movements before serenely dissipating, as the vocals weave a spell of rapturous beauty.

HasenChat Music like to experiment among lots of genres, but when they really shine is doing emotional stuff, and “Bring the Sun” has many emotional qualities working inside the arrangement. Not least the warm synths and the ethereal vocals.

HasenChat Music is on radio rotation with the track “Bring the Sun”.

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