June 21, 2024

It’s hard work standing out in a field where everyone desperately wants to be seen. Exposure’s never guaranteed; there are scores of deserving artists who never get a turn in the spotlight. KAI The Kid is leveraging his own skills to draw attention to his craft. He not only exercises control but also sets the standard for what artists should attempt to achieve with their daily grind. The creative beats and KAI’s cadence essentially hold hands, navigating his tracks with ease. This combination would be enough to create exception songs, but instead, KAI takes it a step further with great lyricism and storytelling. The result is tracks that are purposeful and polished.

KAI The Kid is a Canadian recording artist and entrepreneur, hailing from Toronto Ontario, who has been seriously developing his skills, while dropping a series of singles. KAI has attended a vocal academy and artist development program, which he sums to his photography and digital arts programming know-how.

In 2019 KAI has dropped two singles, the latest of which is “Breakfast (ft. Maars)”. On it KAI shows off his gift for finding the pocket of the beat, as he laps up the production. And when he finds the right flow and groove, few can match him for sheer musical joy. You really have to respect the work ethic that produced this song.

KAI The Kid did and said things his way, on “Breakfast (ft. Maars)”. It is a risk only real artists are capable of taking to express their artistry. The heartfelt production complements the power of the relatable lyrics, where even the hook is inspiring.

Kai expresses his will to succeed under any circumstances and will not be disheartened: “I’m not a little boy, I don’t play games. Haters like to point a finger and call you names. I got news for you all niggas, I aint’ fazed. I been through worse now I see better days.” The tale is real, revealing more about the artist’s aspirations and willpower.

The hard-knock-powered production, mixed with melodic interludes throughout, is captivating, as the real honest tale, between dreams and reality, hits the listener’s heart, producing empathy for the rapper. It’s a significant message in hip-hop, where believing in your grind is essential.

Unswerving in his conveyance, KAI The Kid’s message is vibrant and moving. He has a skill of creating catchy but meaningful music to add to his fresh catalog, and at the same time increasing love for real hip-hop. Stylistically, “Breakfast (ft. Maars)” sounds like KAI’s most ambitious and well executed single project yet.

Whether it has all the required elements of a smash hit ready for radio, and curated streaming playlists, only time and audiences will tell, but for now it’s a powerful single with extremely high replay value.

KAI The Kid doesn’t sacrifice any inch of rhythm, melody or rapping integrity while detailing his cautionary tale. It’s clear KAI has mastered the art of self-motivation. “Breakfast (ft. Maars)” merits a listen because of its inspiring, intelligent and nuanced lyricism.


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