June 23, 2024

The purpose of C.L.O.S. (Cold Lyrics On Site) music is to have the listener paint a picture in there head while hearing every track feeling like they are actually present, and having them aware that they are not the only one going through ups and downs in life. C.L.O.S. feels that he is definitely a versatile artist, who makes songs for both the ladies and the fellas, instead of just a catchy hook. “I give you something to think about, and have my own sound,” says C.L.O.S.(Cold Lyrics On Site).

C.L.O.S. (Cold Lyrics On Site) is on radio rotation with the songs “Ain’t bout where u from” and “Wish u were still here”. You can find the music of C.L.O.S. (Cold Lyrics On Site) on CDBaby, YouTube, Tidal, iTunes, Pandora, Google Music & Spotify.

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