April 18, 2024

The AmariMusicGroup presents “Miss Independent” ft. Sosa thegod, the first single off the Cape Girardeau Heart Throb mixtape by Lupe Ray, the Missouri producer turned rapper. Lupe appears to be motivated straight off the bat with this first project. The dynamic live feel in the vocals, brings with it a richly cinematic tone to the track, perhaps hinting more at the artist’s desire to pursue more ambitious projects in the future. The rapper’s laid-back flow may at first give off the false impression he’s lazy on the mic. In reality, he effortlessly rides complex a beat that many other rappers would struggle to fill. At the same time, Lupe Ray and Sosa thegod go together like butter and toast, bringing out the best in one another.

The beats manages to feel both minimalist and maximalist at the same time, with the producer creating a composition  out of what feels like fairly traditional rap production techniques. Whereas other producers might require an orchestra to transport a listener into another world, Lupe Ray manages it with just a booming drum and bassline, shimmering guitars and a captivating storyline.

This a track with a calm and considered pace, where a more reflective Lupe Ray creates a sound that’s both jubilant and melancholic. “You say you don’t need no man, but you need me. You say you’re so independent, but you need me.”

In an era of tracks that are schizophrenic in nature and basically just a mishmash of guest styles that don’t really mesh together, Lupe Ray should be praised for creating something that’s so consistently engaging.  As soon as this song ended, it became clear to me that Lupe Ray’s flow and Sosa thegod’s voice was the perfect combination for this project.

Listening to these two spitting bars and switching turns felt so organic, which is probably due to the fact that their chemistry is indeed genuine. The track lays a foundation for Lupe Ray’s future, showing his progression in music making.

Combined with the smooth vocals and solid rhymes, the melody produces a calm yet urgent atmosphere to the audience. It has both gripping and introspective moments, as Lupe Ray scrutinizes his relationship with a girl.

It’s easily relatable and is crafted for the audience’s enjoyment, as Lupe Ray propels himself as an artist capable of not only delivering a catchy beat, but a credible storyline, as well. The ever-evolving music maker humbly reminds listeners just how good he is at what he does. This track is definitely a step forward for the Missouri-based artist. Needless to say, it’s welcome surprise.

More commonly, the single possess an expressive quality, expanding upon Lupe Ray’s strengths which has been vocalized before. We hear the growth in his music-making process through exhibiting more intricate song composition. The bottom line is, if you are a fan of modern hip-hop, “Miss Independent” ft. Sosa thegod is definitely a track you won’t want to miss. It radiates with honesty and real life!


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