May 18, 2024

DannyLee is a 19 year old creative from Oregon, who has wanted to pursue music since he joined his school band at 12. He plays the guitar and the saxophone drawing inspiration from Hip Hop, Alternative Rock, and Pop to some extent. DannyLee started making beats about two years ago, and says, that essentially he is not into music making primarily for the money or the fame, but rather to make an impact on the world by bringing about positive changes in society. His latest track, “My Mind Doesn’t Mean Well”, is about his problems with having ADHD. For those who don’t know anything about the disorder, a person with ADHD generally has differences in brain development and brain activity that affect attention, the ability to sit still, and self-control. The song was released after a 5 month hiatus, as DannyLee worked on strengthening his craft.

No matter what you think of DannyLee’s musical style, the one thing we all can agree on is that he is a master of his craft. The young man just knows how to put together a song, whether it’s his distinctive melodic flow, or his smooth catchy production, he nails them both on “My Mind Doesn’t Mean Well”.

This whole recording gives you a mellow and thoughtful feeling, as he shows us that he has talent, as a rapper and singer. The overall musical aspect is both cohesive and shape-shifting, and that makes for a comfortable, flawless recording. DannyLee delivers some good insightful lyrics that are essentially a combination of thoughtfulness, emotions, and pop sensibilities.

Regardless of the fact that his lyrics incorporate hooky pop ad-lib elements, they’re still extremely deep. DannyLee does a great job of portraying himself, exactly as sees himself, with his condition. And though it may in some ways be disturbing to contemplate his situation, DannyLee has a knack for creating mainstream pop appeal with his melody.

In a genre that reeks of superficiality, materialism, and unoriginality, DannyLee is something fresh, original, and talented. I was immediately impressed by his performance, and can only hope he expounds on the potential he displays on “My Mind Doesn’t Mean Well”.

One thing that can be noted is that regardless of the confidence displayed on this track, there is a humble nature that runs through DannyLee’s performances which is absolutely engaging. The track expands upon the positive aspects of his previous releases, like “New Flow” or “Wait On It”.

It cuts down on the harder sounding influences to a more melodic level, and generally improves in sound, making “My Mind Doesn’t Mean Well” more accessible and enjoyable to a wider audience. Even to those who don’t regularly listen to rap or hip-hop. DannyLee seems willing to fully embrace his “new” sound, while the greater whole of this work solidly reflects his potential and current mindset.

The real essence of what DannyLee is trying to channel here is his personal struggles, something he addresses with audacity and conviction. And when you listen and learn from this reflective track, you’ll really get the impression that though he is still in a fight with himself, DannyLee has now somehow come into his own with his music and identity.


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