July 21, 2024

Nilla Green is an artist, a music producer, and DJ hailing from Germany and based in Tampa, FL. USA. In 2013 he ventured into Electro-music for the very first time, and began concocting infusions of Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, and hybrid sounds of all kinds. This eventually led to him establishing a buzz around Tampa, and the release of his first project “Green House FX Vol. I”. This was followed by his first official in-house DJ residency. “Green House FX Vol. II” was officially put out in 2016 pushing Nilla Green into global focus.

Now specializing in Future/Progressive/Electro-House, all spiced up with his hip-hop and urban influences, Nilla further seeks to enhance his musical horizons with the single “Gassed Up”.

Nilla Green’s, art reflects the limitless versatility of hip-hop yoked with EDM technology. The ancient logic of rap song-craft and the steadying power of the electronic beat are employed exactingly on this single. Nilla piles on bass and rhythmic percussion, the production remains clean and stark, prizing both urgency and depth.

“Gassed Up” is full of straightforwardly written, yet slightly-skewed revelatory lyrics, having to do with newfound insights regarding romantic maturity, carnal relationships and some lit substances. But the real revelation here is the stylistic change in Nilla Green’s musical approach.

Typical instruments we universally associate with conventionally arranged hip-hop music are still here, but there’s a new wrinkle; the songs are orchestrated in cutting edge dance-floor ready electronics, multiply-layered, and with resounding emphasis.  And it took me a couple of listen-throughs to make an adjustment to that – this is a tunefully assaultive, heavily-lysergic presentation with a wickedly twisted beat.

Incorporating EDM instrumentation somewhat seamlessly into this track to create a sweeping, atmospheric sound that while not diametrically opposed to raw, churning, aggressively-paced rap music, is certainly an unexpected departure toward a much-less cluttered cutting-edge sound.

The emphasis is entirely on rhythm – both from Nilla Green’s syncopated vocal flow and the high-energy bang of the production. With its heavily percolating bassline, its percussive force levitates through an animated soundscape, backstopped by drums and handclaps, expressing the song’s urgency.

Nilla Green establishes himself as a truly remarkable artistic force with “Gassed Up”, shattering boundaries by erecting majestic sonic walls. Nilla finds a brilliant balance of lyrics and instrumentation; the wondrous rhyming, and raw, jumpy rhythms are the perfect complement for the artist’s adventurous flow.

Some of you may have known Nilla Green to be an incredibly ambitious artist, but I don’t think everyone understood just how much so, until “Gassed Up”. Unbelievably focused in his sonic palette, Nilla sculpts sound with adrenaline-pumping flourishes, energetic progressions and anthemic adlibs, to the point that it’s totally captivating.

“Gassed Up” is the type of song that can bring listeners to drop their jaws in awe. The ultimate rush of sound and rhythm seems to carry such an energy as to say “Look out people I’m coming!” There can be no doubt that Nilla Green is all “Gassed Up” on this outing. In that aspect, it meets my criterion for five full stars!


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  1. Fenomenal ..
    Gassed up played in the radio on 95.7 call the station, email them .. for requests..
    Congratulations Nilla Green

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