April 20, 2024

Bilgi alias dezabel, formed his musical foundation at The Academy of Contemporary Music during the nineties, and continues to develop his skills and knowledge in Songwriting and Music Production at the Berklee College of Music. Executing a style that can appropriately be referred to as “Zurich meets L.A.,” dezabel blends elements from Pop and EDM, with contemporary R&B, Hip-hop, and Trap flavors.

The result is a sound flourishing with style, elegance, and soul as well as an innate sense of mesmerizing groove. Add in exquisitely haunting female vocals washing over a slow-burning tropical rhythmic swing, and you’ll find yourself captured within the intoxicating atmosphere of the latest single by dezabel, entitled “Another Drink”.

There’s always a stimulating and provocative aura coming off dezabel’s music. Whether it’s the revitalizing skitter of the hi-hats, and the fluttering notes of the shimmering keys, or the understated groove of the bass and drums, the songwriter and producer always has something unique to offer.

“Another Drink” transitions from bar to bar making both delightful continuations of sensual serenity and intriguing surprises. You’ll will find yourself floating in the cosmic atmosphere of the verses, basking in the lovely piano work and radiant tones, before being drawn into the mellifluous allure of the chorus and the persuasive appeal of the vocals and lyrics, which are nothing short of being devilishly divine.

There’s no doubting the technical work at play in a dezabel song; “Another Drink” incorporates numerous elements of music inside its smooth composition structure. The fluctuating atmosphere of the song ends up creating multiple moods in the song, with some moments coming off more lively and others more relaxed.

As a whole, “Another Drink” is a sincerely exhilarating experience. The blend of soothing sounds and subtly seductive vocal nuances make for a record you can take in one gorgeous breath. The bewitching nature of the material provides a space for you to feel alongside dezabel, as he allows the listener to potentially explore sizzling emotions through the production.

“Another Drink” isn’t the first dezabel track that can be enjoyed from beginning to end, as there was the single “Ego” before it, but it feels even more special. There’s a unity among these songs that exude emotion, like the warm comfort provided by a flame.

The brilliant auras of sound and feeling, swirl together to create moments of joy and passion; “Another Drink” is an experience that invites listeners into its sensual ambience and listen to what that the narrative has to say. It’s not only an excellent achievement by dezabel, on the emotional, lyrical and technical levels, but also the most ear-worming and attractive work he has done thus far.

Bilgi aka dezabel’s vision has truly snapped into focus with his newest release. Everything on “Another Drink” sounds amazing. The beat is crisp and smooth, the synths and sounds are tight and catchy, the basslines are deep and resonant, and the stunning vocals floating above it all, take center stage. It’s really hard not to get excited about this track.


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