July 16, 2024

The upcoming new face of Rap, Hiphop and Trap, Dreis Major is an American artist who writes and produces his own music. Based out of the Philadelphia/New York City region he brings a different style to the urban community, and recently dropped his “Winner Season” mixtape containing 9 tracks and featuring Swyshreef and Keylo Dope. “Knowing (intro)”, a smooth and welcoming track, kicks off the mixtape with a taste of what’s to come, but it’s only an appetizer because as you get further into the recording you find that whole-hearty meal. “Kitchen” ft. Swyshreef stands strong with its catchy beat and heavy lyrics. Moving forward, it feels like every single vibe is covered with precision on this mixtape.

I truly believe Dreis Major can make any beat sound fantastic, and when paired with top notch production on standouts like “Dance” Ft. Keylo Dope and “Neiman Marcus”, it must be appreciated.

At the same time Major is dropping pearls of practical wisdom throughout his bars, sliding from smooth deadpan verses and melodic cadences without missing a step. One gets the impression listening to “Winner Season” that this project represents the realization of a goal months in the making.

It’s as if Dreis Major had been reaching for this sound, planning his way here all along. Perhaps he’d already arrived at the destination, but knew he needed to bring us along for the ride. Seasoned to perfection, songs like “411” and “Never Fold” documents Dreis Major at ease, and cementing his status as an artist in control of his craft.

The pivotal relevance of “Winner Season” is Dreis Major’s smooth cadence and flow which is inherently distinctive, while his music maintains a solid gist of creativity. That being said, Dreis Major has managed to craft a mixtape that exudes an abundance of catchiness and packs enough playlist burners to get his name ringing.

Dreis Major is also on radio rotation with the tracks – “Neiman Marcus”, “Dance” ft. Keylo Dope, “Gloria (Hold Up)”, “Kitchen” ft. Swishreef and “Knowing (intro)”.

Connect with Dreis Major on INSTAGRAM and TWITTER.

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