July 23, 2024

Singer/Songwriter and Producer Adrian Jauregui is a Los Angeles native from Pico Rivera, CA. Currently, located in Oakland CA, Adrian has been has been singing for about 15 years, while he has also spent the last 5 of them, writing and producing. Focusing on Electro-Pop, he has released a string of acclaimed tracks, including the single “Crossfire” ft. Brianna Marin, and the EP “Canvas”.  Music maven Adrian, doesn’t seem like one to shy away from quality songwriting or massive hooks. In fact, his material has become more aligned with the kind of pop-styled electronic sound that has allowed the star of his peers to rise. On “Crossfire”, he embraces an even more traditional Top 40 vibe which should skyrocket his mainstream access potential.

What stands out about this track is how aware Adrian Jauregui seems to be about the current state of electronic and pop music. Here he designs a blend of dance-floor accessibility and blow-away top-line vocal work.

Brianna Marin’s soulful timbre seductively wraps itself around the piano stabs in a way that’s totally captivating, while Adrian himself navigates the stab of the epic pads, with a voice that caresses, soars and resonates. Together the two vocalists combine talents, with the sole purpose of mesmerizing the listener.

“Crossfire” ft. Brianna Marin features a knocking bassline, ambient yet ear-worming pads and keys, and vocal performances that simmer to a boil. In being able to decode and access what the blend of electronic and pop should sound like – rich, vibrant, catchy anthems featuring sumptuous and soulful vocal performances – Adrian Jauregui has defied expectations and created a surprising, underground  winner.

“Crossfire” is formed by a slow build and gentle layering into an intense piece. The easy addition of subtle instrumentation gives this track a smooth and luscious feel as it crescendos. The work of the two contributing artists obviously enhances the beat immensely.

The melodies are exciting, the relationship-inspired narrative is affecting, and the vocals, as mentioned before, are spot on. Simply put, in a normal world this song should become huge. It has all the makings of a radio smash. Adrian Jauregui has truly outdone himself with this one, while beautifully straddling the line between a unique sound and the commercial market, the perfect recipe for success.

A look around the rest of Adrian’s songs presents the same immaculate production qualities and soulful layered vocals – the slow, mellifluous and heartfelt “Wicked Game”, the darker and edgier snap of “Nova” with its highflying euphoric chorus, and the syncopated mid-tempo groove of “Fool’s Gold”, with its tropical keys.

These songs prove beyond doubt that Adrian Jauregui has the material and creative mind to make music in a distinctive way. Garnering praise from music critics and fans alike, if he manages to maintain and build on his momentum, Adrian Jauregui will likely be a force to be reckoned with in the Electro-Pop world, for years to come. Add these tracks to your playlist before he blows up!


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