June 21, 2024

RMZ Keez NataS’ latest studio track is a diverse, more tightly constructed version of his Jamaican infused releases, and it finds the UK based artist in confident, expansive and familiarly mood. RMZ Keez Natas, who grew up in a Rastafarian family, is an artist and writer from RoMeZHooD RevolutionaryMotivationZone. He is the cousin of one half of the popular Birmingham Rap Group ‘Lotto Boyzz’. And also the cousin of award-winning actor and singer Matt Henry.

“Wine 4 Me” is a record clearly intended to capitalize on the artist’s potential for crossover success. It never loses its way in terms of lyrical consistency, and manages to navigate new commercial priorities with skill and integrity.

It has obvious hit potential – a reggaeton infused club banger full of juddering synths, and tricky snare and hi-hat hits. It manages to meld RMZ Keez NataS’ talent for melody writing with rapped bars that are raw, direct and fun.

RMZ Keez NataS’ is now in relatively uncharted waters as regards his own personal sound. British rap and associated sounds have gone global over the past few years, and many artists have seen their music spread around the world.

While RMZ Keez NataS growing fan reach is built on the work of pioneers, timing and talent have come together to present a genuine shot at breaking out and⁠—perhaps more importantly⁠—the opportunity to be another genuine spokesperson for a genre and generation.

RMZ Keez NataS is an important exporter of witty rhymes, a smooth flow and beats that can crossover and set alight almost any venue. He started out with some unstoppable braggadocio, grimy street tales and intelligent storytelling with potent messages for the masses.

Now on “Wine 4 Me”, he turns his gaze to a smooth club groove. His raps remain as smart, well written and expertly delivered as ever, but his narrative takes on a lighter, more flirtatious tone.

RMZ Keez NataS approaches “Wine 4 Me”, understanding the legacy of his previously more serious musical endeavors which comes with its burdens and responsibilities. He knows that they are important to bear as an artist, yet he is also able to easily navigate, and thrive within this party track.

The production throughout is tight and clear. RMZ Keez NataS negotiates the various layers of this song and verses with a fine vocal performance, fluently varying the tempo and register of his rapping.

Before you even reach for the play button on “Wine 4 Me”, it goes without saying that RMZ Keez NataS has a lot to prove. New songs are a difficult beast at times, but it’s a much fiercer beast to tame once stoked with the expectations brought on by an artist that has captivated you previously.

Let’s face it, RMZ Keez NataS has kept the balance between expectation and reality on a level playing field here. He demonstrates that he is able to keep these opposing forces in perfect balance. RMZ Keez NataS engulfing snarl is kept at bay in favor of a smoother style which drops in with a skill he’s become well-versed in, while the production by Alex ay remains irresistible throughout. “Wine 4 Me” is a stone-cold banger!


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