May 28, 2024

After doing over a million plus streams on SoundCloud within months, Frthquarterent barges onto the major streaming platforms gaining global attention with his latest project “The Thanos Mixtape”, featuring MVP lyricist GODMILL$. Frthquarterent is an image of what a lyrical wordsmith should be. It’s an understatement to say he is impressive on the mic. His approach is all about craft. You can feel the pride in every punchline setup and the catharsis in every unleashed rhyme scheme.

And of course, Frthquarterent can put together a distinctive soundscape that defines an entire album. His chemistry with lyricist GODMILL$ is foundational.  Together the two spend much of the album demonstrating their ample abilities over grandiose beats. The beat fits in with the fierce verbal displays by Frthquarterent, purposely suggesting a throwback to an era when an emcee’s lyricism was central to his identity.

The “The Thanos Mixtape”, upholds the genre reputation for pounding percussion, no-frills audiophile choruses and precise chops. The industry may have burned out, no be longer patient, trusting, or supportive of artistic visionaries, but without their support or even a potential audience, Frthquarterent has found the embers in himself, and is able to share his creativity with the masses on eleven smoldering tracks.

Taken from the mixtape, comes “Vroom” ft. GODMILL$, a track that will keep heads bouncing and hands on the rewind button. It sounds focused and passionate, the production is bumping, and we’re truly getting Frthquarterent at his most outspoken and personal. The Indianapolis based artist’s storytelling, eye opening details and punches on the track, is something that really stands out.

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