May 25, 2024

Rap lyrics pop into our heads, end up as our yearbook quotes, and work their way into our everyday conversations. But very few bars would be as memorable if not for the music that accompanies them. Great production can make even the most obnoxious or cheesy lyrics sound great. Most of the time, the producers who create these beats may not be as glamorous as the rappers who spit over them, but they are equally important.

CANNADY LAW BEATS is a professional music producer of 7+ years based out of (U.S.A). His goal is to serve the artist, serve the song, and create the best sonic experience for the listener. A hip hop/trap engineer, CANNADY LAW BEATS mixes beats to sound professional and radio-ready. He work closely with both major and independent artists to help create amazing mixes and productions that translate into great listening experiences for audiences.

Producers or beat-makers – however you want to call them – like CANNADY LAW BEATS are giving rappers a sonic canvas on which to paint their pictures. Great producers, like rappers, have specific moments when they’re controlling the game, making classics, and setting trends seemingly at will. Moreover, CANNADY LAW BEATS is someone who composes a ton of music and shares his signature sound with a variety of artists.

He is not your average new school era producer. While he does incorporate the necessary technological pieces in order to keep relevant and fresh, he is, at heart, a beatmaker at the foundation. For CANNADY LAW BEATS, there is nothing like creating the most infectious drumbeat to spark that creative fire that births a tight production.

You and hear this clearly on the trap-infused “Showtime” with its captivating head-nodding rhythm. The production feels full and weighty, like a riptide’s undertow. CANNADY LAW BEATS takes the standard route on beat making and producing and provides his own natural spin and tone to give a new take on the various approaches to making music.

In hip-hop, a beat absolutely need drums. Clean, dirty, raw. Kicks, snares, hi-hats. CANNADY LAW BEATS perfectly understands that drums are what drive the rhythm and emotion of the beat. Listen to how he cracks up the exploding percussion on “Them Cakes”. The production has a propulsive energy, felt in the aggressive swing of the song.

CANNADY LAW BEATS comes up with challenging patterns and rhythms that can easily fit deep lyricism or the hybrid coded language that new wave rappers will pen over them. His tunes provide the canvas needed for trademark urban swagger or moments of deep reflection.

Every emerging artist needs an equally hungry producer or beat-maker to pair their work with, and CANNADY LAW BEATS seems like the man for the job. He is a creative working to realize his vision. His beats are enough to let you know that the man is in his zone. CANNADY LAW BEATS comes into 2020 out of nowhere, fully formed, with an equipped arsenal and a promising future.


IG: Cannadylawbeats74
Twitter: @74talktome
Facebook: CannadyLawBeats

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  1. The talent that pours from his veins is absolutely undeniable! You are truly missing out if you’re not listening to his work!

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