July 16, 2024

DJ Paula Frost is a London based DJ writing electronic dance tunes with a drum & bass twist. In the past year, DJ Paula Frost has headlined a show at Camden Roundhouse, flew to Sri Lanka to DJ New Year’s Eve, and played parties at Manchester Art Gallery and 40 other venues all over the UK. DJ Paula Frost has also played across 14 countries worldwide including concerts in Croatia, Russia, Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam and New Zealand. Whilst in Vietnam she headlined the Saturday night of Reggae Beach Festival in Da Nang.

DJ Paula Frost started her journey as a producer on Kane FM for Tippa Irie’s ‘Pure Riddim Show’, before gaining her own drive time show ‘Way Out Radio’ and beginning her journey as a DJ. Soon she was picked up by an agent and went professional fast.

One of her first shows was supporting major label band Slaves and she has also played events for Sketchers, Bodyshop and Octopus Energy – all environmentally conscious brands and SMASHED a gig for Euro Parliament held by the Green Party, leaving the crowd chanting for more for over 20 minutes.

This year DJ Paula Frost is set to drop her debut EP, play a UK tour and hit the festival circuit. A headline set on the Introducing Stage at Rebellion Festival is already confirmed alongside 20 more shows.

MORE ABOUT DJ Paula Frost:

DJ Paula Frost began her journey in 2014. She is a keen selector and loves to remix her own tracks to suit the party atmosphere. She is also a well-known character on the music scene and has written for NME Magazine, Vive Le Rock Magazine, played drums in a variety of bands and interviewed a range of legendary artist including Alice Cooper and members of Motorhead, The Wailers, The Smiths, The Selecter, Sleaford Mods and Supergrass. This gives her the edge as a DJ because she is so knowledgeable of many music genres.

DJ Paula Frost has been collecting vinyl for ten years and has been given vinyl collections from fans due to her passionate music talk on her radio show. She has a top range of releases from the past ten years including dance and electronic plus an excess of tunes from the past 50 years covering motown, soul, rock, reggae and dance.

As a weekly radio host, she keeps up to date with current chart, latest releases, remixes and also has links with record labels who send her new music regularly. With a buzz building among fans and the industry, what better time than now for DJ Paula Frost to unleash her debut single?

Where do you represent?

Originally from south London, now I’ve moved up town to Chelsea! I love London, it has a fast beating pulse and pushes you to the limits. Sometime you have to step outside and take stock though. I like to relax outside of London now and then. When you’re in the big city there’s always a lot to do!

How long have you been into music?

My earliest memories are of music. I loved watching this old video of Jimi Hendrix at my nans house and I loved singing songs by Bob Marley and The Cure! My mum got me a harmonica for my 4th birthday and a guitar for my 6th birthday. So it was always music right from the start.

What inspires your music?

As a kid I loved playing ‘rock stars’. I watched movies like Wayne’s World and Bill and Ted and wanted to be a rocker like them. So I guess movies. Now I am more inspired by travel, people and stories I hear. I love being creative, writing songs and experimenting in the studio.

What has been your favourite moment in your career so far?

That’s a hard question! I’d have to say headlining reggae beach festival in Da Nang, Vietnam. I was so happy there, it was a beautiful and perfect location on the beach and the crowd were amazing.

What goals do you wish to achieve in music?

I’d like to tour Europe and America and get into the UK dance chart. Mostly I’d just like to push my DJing because it makes me so happy to play a great set and see everyone loving the vibe!

Would you change anything about the music industry?

Like any industry, the people at the top are the last ones to adjust to change so they cut their own noses off despite their face and we see independent labels rise whilst the majors lose their power. I guess the music industry is levelling itself out that way since the internet came along. So I don’t need to change it. It’s already changing itself full throttle! I guess I’d like to destroy all those unfair contracts they give out!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

I would like to have released an album or two, have toured Europe and the USA and to be married with two children. Those are all massive goals but I know I’ll get there. I am grateful to be happy and healthy with all of my friends and family supporting me so I just hope I can make them proud over the next few years.

DJ Paula Frost is on radio rotation with her debut single OXYGEN TANK which can be found on all major digital download stores.


WEB: djpaulafrost.com

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/djp.frost

INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/djpaulafrost

LIVE @ CAMDEN ROUNDHOUSE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGlP8sBRyhM&t=3s

MUSIC VIDEO ‘OXYGEN TANK’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fFKJLkUAtE

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