July 20, 2024

DopeAMean (Josephis Wade) is an African-American and Native-American rap artist born in Columbus Georgia USA on July 26, 1990, to a single mother (Lisa Denise Ceesay Pollard). A 7th-grade; 14-year old middle school drop-out, and 14-year old runaway up until the age of 18. Raised in Metro-Atlanta, Ga and Auburn, Al; he is skilled and well versed in the Southern Rap, Trap, Gangster Rap, and R&B Genres.

A decorated US Army Veteran with one tour in Afghanistan, Audio Engineer, Music Producer, IT Professional, Blogger, and college graduate. DopeAMean started rapping in 2004 with a rap group formerly known as Y.B.E. (Young Black Entrepreneurs).

I’m me, none of the extra. No lingo to make me look cooler then I am. No dressing to impress anyone but myself. No gang activity, hating, snitching, or faking. I ain’t looking for any static with any artist in any genre but I’m not dodging any either. I don’t do the crowds but when I do I’m nothing short of the life of the party.

Life is too short and I’m here to have fun and improve the lives of others. In my journey to develop as an artist, one of the things I find to be most important is reaching back to help others. I’m far from perfect but that doesn’t stop me from attempting to reach the mark.

DopeAMean currently residents in Denver, Colorado and aspires to start a multi-media production company. Currently, DopeAMean is the owner of the record label Every-Thing Dope LLC.

DopeAMean is on radio rotation with tracks “Too Much Sauce” and “Blue Faces”.

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