May 25, 2024

The new wave of rappers and singers are loud and creative, and certainly aware of ideologies and traditions, but not exclusively rooted to either. There are street rollers and club charmers, postmodern street toughs and Soundcloud rappers, as well as classic southern rap aesthetes and so on; at no time in history has there been a more varied collection of talent coming out of Texas. BbyBourbon is an artist from Houston, Texas, and he is currently promoting his single, “Opposite?” ft. Jsix. BbyBourbon is perhaps one of the newest of the bunch.

The power of his writing is multiplied exponentially when you realize that there are no flourishes or tricks involved; it is, quite simply him, in a melodic sing-song rap tone, and implying so much more. Affable, clever, thoroughly marketable, BbyBourbon is unstoppably charming and devilishly talented in what he accomplishes on “Opposite?” ft. Jsix. He is at his very best when he culls the entirety of his character into dynamically painted melodic bursts of ear-warming lyricism.

There is no heavy complex wordplay, or intellectually coded, cryptic messages in his verses – BbyBourbon aims at direct simplicity. His lines are crisp, clear and straightforward, getting to the point immediately – “I have to do this right. I can’t do it for one night. All the late night rides. I thought you would be mine. I guess I’m too afraid to take up too much time. Have I crossed the line.”

A sturdy songwriter, few have shown a better understanding of going with the flow of the music in a well-paced laid-back style, while bringing all the right vocal nuances to enhance the song lyrics. BbyBourbon can be called a rapper, but it hardly feels accurate to describe him solely as that, as he brings a lot of mellifluous crooning tones to “Opposite?” ft. Jsix.

His voice is wide and warm and all-encompassing. That kind of talent generally alludes to an artist who is able to traverse different genres with a natural ease, confidence, and ability. His flow is an unfettered stream of cool, regardless of what he decides to do, and he wields it without care for boundaries.

The industry is always changing its game, and urban music has long been the catalyst. If the moment’s right and the timing’s good, an unknown artist can become a sensation overnight. BbyBourbon’s easy flow and infectious melody marry perfectly to the impeccably curated beat he jumps on here.

This allows the track to hit an impossible sweet spot between new wave rap and mainstream pop. A perfect setup for BbyBourbon to make some moves. On “Opposite?” ft. Jsix, the artist makes his aesthetic priorities clear, and it’s hopefully just a taste of more goodness to come.



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