April 12, 2024

MDN EA is the next big wave. He is a lyricist, musician, and an all-round talented artist. Not without evidence, for his music is proof of itself to his musical artistry, and this shines even brighter with the release of his most recent album E.A. His sound is aesthetically pleasing to the ear. With his distinctive blend of trap and classic hip-hop, he has done what many rappers aimed to do, but failed; create a lane unique to his style. What does this blend of genres equate to?

E.A. paints the picture Picasso clear for any ear within range. Energy, lyrical ability, and melody acting in symmetry, creating a chemistry that requires the fire service to be on standby when speakers play his art.

The new album boast of 12 studio tracks, bringing along for the ride some other notable artists as features. Unlike lackluster albums that flood the market, E.A. gives consumers a listening experience that’s immersive; a fitting description for the slang, “hitting right in the feels.”

While the entire album is musical gold, it would be injustice not to give honourable mention to tracks like “Invincible,” “Dream,” and “Thug Luve.” Hard hitting, melodic gripping; Rick Ross meets Young Thug!  This level of fire can only be made possible by accompanying top tier quality beats and engineering, and this is exactly what E.A. brings to the table.

MDN EA is without a doubt a fresh sound in the music industry, and shows promise of etching his name among the legends. Alexa play Drake’s “Started From The Bottom,” because MDN EA is now here!

MDN EA is on radio rotation with the tracks “Deathrow” and “Don’t Know Me” ft. Baby Mob. Find out more about MDN EA on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM and stream his new album E.A. HERE.

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