April 12, 2024

Chicago’s Master Yetí is currently promoting his single “Galaxy”. Though he may not yet have the sort of singles chart history to back it up, there’s no doubt that this artist should be in the star category. His music rarely fails to drop jaws with their energy, sonic opulence, and all-round smoothness. Even in a period crowded with more marquee hip-hop releases than any in recent memory, “Galaxy” stands out for its spared-no-artistic-expense production. The track is a kaleidoscope of textures and techniques, making room for lushly layered harmonies, trap-like drums, hazy synths, haunted house pianos, twisted vocal swells, and futuristic spacey baubles, all while remaining surprisingly sonically coherent.

“Galaxy” will be an early-summer chill trip par excellence, as it will surely still be heard booming from late-night clubs, college after parties and high-flying boutiques. Why? Master Yetí has plenty of charisma and star potential, he’s a great lyricist, and his singsong, R&B inflected delivery is instantly captivating.

His sixth sense for experimenting with various sounds has makes him an artist with a unique voice. Master Yetí creates music that moves your soul and your body. “Galaxy” is a great example of that statement. This song is well-engineered and created to see any listener get lost in the groove.

“Galaxy” is proof that Master Yetí doesn’t do anything basic. He possesses a ton of musical talent, and fuses stimulating electro sounds, R&B, and rap into this song that results in a splash of sonics that are strikingly creative. This leads to the smooth piano riffs and sweet hooks, instilling a sense of purpose and control.

Every beat switch, instrument, and fusion of sounds brings out the creativity in the production and the Master Yetí style. In fact, the production on the record is one of its finest qualities. But the artist gives equal attention to the aesthetic of his performance as well as the production of his tracks. The result is a track that is fire, anyway you look at it.

Master Yetí offers the best of himself, and essentially, this sounds like his best effort to date. The rapper successfully integrates his innovative ideas into one clear and concise listening experience, and should be able to enter the mainstream spotlight because of it.

“Galaxy” manages to create a sort of surreal take on hip-hop – conjuring imagery which is as intoxicating as it is otherworldly. It’s a great record for him and it sounds like he’s further down the path towards carving out a clearer voice for himself. One which reaches way above the noise.

More About: Master Yetí grew up on Chicago’s south side bouncing between homes in both Auburn Gresham and Pullman. Raised by his grandparents, Yetí came from a creative family with heavy influences in music and the arts. He attended Columbia College on an art scholarship and spent his early years as a graphic and web designer. In 2015, he partnered with his brothers and launched their own clothing brand, Veyron Calanari in Chicago’s West Town neighborhood. Inspired by his father and uncle, Yetí began producing music in 2017. His first single, “On My Own” was released in November 2019. Yetí’s father, Rodney Harmon is a pianist and the Minister of Music at Mount Joy Baptist Church in Chicago and is the keyboardist for Sweet Diezel Jenkins. His late uncle, Anthony Harmon, was an acclaimed left-handed bass player. His collaborations include notable performances with Yolanda Adams and Mark Hubbard along with nearly every gospel group in the Chicagoland area.



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