July 13, 2024

While music fans and critics remain obsessed with the death of things—genre, style, lyricism, and so on, Jamel Gunner aka DaKurse continues to breathe new life into hip-hop, and the underground culture as we know it. The internet allows for an infinite scope of influences, which is partly why DaKurse production choices, vocal pitching, and flow make him an ardent a follower of the modern trap scene on his track, “Im ur homie” (produced by speakerbanger). DaKurse’s delivery will never get old because it’s imbued with swagger and confidence. With a breezy melody line, braggadocio lyrics, and punchlines that would make his peers nervous, his style and flair elevate him above copycat contemporaries and indistinguishable peers.

DaKurse’s emphasis on style and aesthetic, along with his taste for banging and radical soundscapes, not only refines his status as a premier craftsman but serves as a blueprint for other new wave rappers.

The track grooves with a slow mesmerizing beat, while DaKurse’s chants, bragging with captivating and emotional lyrics. The resonant bass-driven beat together with aggressive and soulful vocals paint a picture for the mood of the track.

“Im ur homie” (produced by speakerbanger), is one of the catchiest in DaKurse’s catalog, and will keep you listening with a head bobbing beat and with truthful lyrics about reality.

An absorbing, immersive listening experience, this track outshines many recent releases of those considered more proficient rappers as well as those of strikingly safer hip-hop hit-makers. Such ingenuity is befitting an apparent aesthete like DaKurse who knows that the devil is in the detailing.

DaKurse handles every twist here with so much grace as to lead the listener to wonder what’s more impressive in the first place – his dexterity or his immaculate beat selection. Over its three-plus minutes, “Im ur homie” (produced by speakerbanger) finds DaKurse cycling through virtually every flow imaginable. Be it by taking things relatively slow and bending the last word of every line into a melodic motif, or by diving into a double-time rap verse.

It’s dizzying and it’s awesome. It’s one of those songs where the cadence of every line seems to fit absolutely perfectly with whatever’s happening in the beat.

Throughout “Im ur homie” (produced by speakerbanger), DaKurse alternates with ease between that double-time and the most extended melodic showing of his singing. He is just one of those rappers who sound cool as hell at all times. Complementing this, naturally, is his habit of rapping about the things that make his swagger so impressive.

With a track that sounds well-structured, and contagious all at the same time. DaKurse sounds confident as well as charismatic. Turn up the volume and start forgetting about your major problems!


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