April 18, 2024

Crane Novacane has been making his mark in the music industry for over a decade. The Detroit native began his climb in the late 90’s as a rapper on the East Side of Detroit and, in 2001, he started Hot Lava records. Perseverance and determination opened the door for Crane Novacane to sign several artists including the East 94 Boys, a group comprised of four talented artists: Jake MC, Stretch Money, Mae, and Blk Casino. The label’s biggest achievement came with Stretch Money’s record “It Takes Money.” Subsequently, Crane Novacane parlayed this accomplishment and released a string of successful mixtapes with the East 94 Boys including: Take a Picture, The Punishment, Smoke One Novacane Music and 25MPH.

Currently, Crane Novacane is in the studio working on his album Flow-A-Tree Vol. 1.  His latest single “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me” takes an autobiographical look at his grind and continued ambition. Novacane is a rapper who has consistently stayed in the hip-hop conversation as he finds ways to remain relevant even if his music isn’t played on mainstream radio.

Hip-hop is a place where many people are caught up in images, but Crane Novacane isn’t like that. He presents himself in a manner where you feel like you’re getting the full picture of the artist.

This is especially evident in “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me” where the artist lays out his thoughts for all to see. No matter what a rapper has to say on a track and how personal it is, it is difficult to be successful unless it has interesting music backing it up.

So Crane Novacane made sure that this track bangs with a vengeance. The production on the project is incredibly cohesive and captivating, allowing Novacane’s bars to speak volumes here, in an intensely personal record that sounds like a wake-up call to the industry.

Crane Novacane’s style on “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me”, is rooted in his tenacity to create soul-baring music that reveals more about his life and grind than most artists can experience by the time their ‘greatest hits’ lands on the shelves. This is the work of an honest, intelligent craftsman, loaded with passion and the will to prove his staying power in the game.

Anyone who thought that Novacane had by this time exhausted his emotionally riveting fuel, may have to think again. Here, simplicity is key, the production is extremely fine-tuned yet stripped down to the essentials, making tight percussive pockets for Novacane’s voice to slide into.

Crane Novacane’s words express a clarity that can only be possessed by someone who has accepted full responsibility of who they are, and where they are going. Rhythmically, each bar is delivered effortlessly, melding into conversational dialogues between Novacane and his convictions.

At once aggressive and sure-footed, the rapper employs his incredible lyricism to mold the narrative. The devil is in the details and Novacane isn’t covering anything up, as launches his verbal attack. Crane Novacane’s has willfully fought against the system as an independent artist and label through the years, and is making sure that his star remains on the rise here.

Crane Novacane comes out of “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me” as a strong-willed survivor. He appears to have put pen to paper, and brought all his experiences together, resulting in final product that is bold, ambitious and meaningful.

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