April 18, 2024

After releasing 11 English single and 10 French remixes, Xilax is back with a new single called ”No Friend” ft Mayila and Slapstick, with one of his favorite Beat Makers, Legion Beats. Xilax is displaying excellent growth and progression both musically and lyrically. This straight up banger seems to be his best work thus far. It shines a bright light on the underground rap game.

”No Friend” will be a pleasant surprise for Xilax’s fans and listeners. Although in the past he has had hits, with a mix of street styles and mainstream tunes he has done, this one provides great replay value and will keep listeners on their toes. His careful beat selection, combined with his clever punchlines, and the smart features certainly sets this track to be one of his best.

Canadian rapper Xilax was born in Chicoutimi Quebec, of mixed color, hence he was caught between both the white and black communicates, and had to learn quickly how to fight for respect. Xilax’s father died when he was just 6 months old. This left his mother, who had just arrived in a country unknown to her, to struggle on alone.

She did however have the aid of Xilax’s grandfather and godfather. Now an independent rapper, singer, composer, cameraman, photographer and marketing consultant, Xilax is a totally independent artist which is very impressive in itself, and which is why he’s largely unknown out of the underground scene.

I have listened to some of his other tracks frequently, and have found his style and subject matter intelligent and engaging. Something that is completely non-existent in the current marketing scheme.


Xilax is radio rotation with the track ”No Friend” ft. Mayila and Slapstick.

Connect with Xilax:

Instagram @ https://www.instagram.com/Young_Xilax/
Twitter @ https://www.twitter.com/kyubi251
Sound Cloud @ https://soundcloud.com/alix-lemire
Spotify Artist Profile https://open.spotify.com/artist/18qg7B9KX5Nq4EdklVzySw

Spotify – No friend- Xilax

Official Music Video

Distrokid Upload

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