July 13, 2024

All music fans or students of the electronic genre who are searching for a new artist to explore will discover quite the colorful gem in NOBOOT’s recently released track, “In The Rain”. The producer’s multifarious variety of down-tempos and bangers provides thoroughly enjoyable material for both forms of the bilateral cosmopolitan life: partying and working. Personally, I believe that this is one his strongest tracks yet and one that I would highly recommend to fans of all musical tastes. For those who are unfamiliar with NOBOOT, he is an electronic musician with deep roots in dynamic atmospheric soundscapes and mood-moving vibes.

On “In The Rain”, NOBOOT, adds retro nostalgia to that equation. The track is an expression of an evolving musician. Here we see the producer take many aspects of his musical origins, whilst he recapitulates those sounds he admires most; painting a kaleidoscopic image of himself as a modern musician with a respectful memory for the past.

“In The Rain” bounces with a synthwave bass driven sound that was as infamously gorgeous during the 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s. I can really lose myself in the fullness of his saturating sound and in his undulating bass lines. Whether you want to become exhilarated by a genuine hard-hitter, or if you want to open and expand your mind to a series twisting synth motifs, it’s all here on one single track for you to uncover.

If you crave low thumping bass, intense musical eclecticism and a flourishing vibe, NOBOOT can, will, and does deliver on “In The Rain”. Articulate, gut-thumping danceability will beg your limbs to move. While at the same time the tune offers a suitable approach for introspective contemplation.

Listening to NOBOOT’s new release you’ll discover more than just a thoughtfully crafted song; it is a glimpse into an enormous sub-culture centered on a thumping bass and an open and progressive mind. Comprised of beautiful synths and hazy melodies, NOBOOT has brought the heat here.

As any good electronic song should, it does appeal to all your senses. With smooth moving synths and amazing transitions, “In The Rain” definitely speaks to those on an emotional level. It’s a place perfect for exploration.

The general feeling is that NOBOOT yearns to converse with his listeners through his songs.  He wants you to feel the music, reflect upon it and then reflect upon yourself. And, he does it effortlessly with “In The Rain”. The bass on this track is so thick it will disintegrate negativity when bumped at high volume.

Mesmerizing, transcendental, and hypnotic pulses of low frequencies and magnetic melodies will intoxicate your senses. NOBOOT is exceptionally creative, meticulously so. Of course, enjoying a track is a matter of taste, relative to each listener and dependent on their own set of likes and dislikes.

However, I am exposed to tons of great music, and this track – sonically daring, and full of auditory fireworks – has vaulted straight to the top of my instrumental electronic playlist.


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