April 19, 2024

Tommy Tony recently unleashed his latest project – the 13 track album “Ca$H Only”. Tommy’s rugged bars sounds magical over soulful production, which is why this recording hits so hard. The setting allows his introspective thoughts to soar. Throughout, the rapper proves himself to be consistently witty, clever and skilled at setting fire to the vocal booth. His voice is all round edges and solid cores; he crops his words so that they’re clean and audible, and yet they also seem to run smoothly into one another. Other times, his rapping very fast and sounds unbothered.

Sure enough, the flow varies a number of times on “Ca$H Only”, as most excitingly, Tommy Tony performs a verbal balancing act against the tricky rhythms, while riding out the banging beats.

In the volatile universe of rap music, where traditionalists and young trendsetters fight for a place under the spotlight, and artists can blow up and flame out in a matter of months, “Ca$H Only” is set to send Tommy Tony towards center stage. His consistency and relatability should keep him there.

MORE ABOUT: Tommy Tony is seasoned emcee who has long been a student of the game, admiring the top lyricists of the golden era, such as Tupac, Jay-Z, and 50 Cent. He prides himself on his penmanship and keeps a reverence for the past with an eye on the future.

Mixtape after mixtape, Tommy showed his innate drive while rapping throughout the city of Boston, which led to a loyal fan base within the city and opportunities to open for artists such as Lil Wayne, G-Unit, Memphis Bleek, and many more. He is also a former member of the City Slickers Crew, a group that saw great success with their last project, “A.D.I.D.A.S.”

Tommy Tony is on radio rotation with the track “S.T.D.”

Connect with Tommy Tony on Instagram @tommytony7 and Twitter @tommybutter

Download his album “Ca$h Only” on ITUNES


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