July 18, 2024

Out of Pottstown (small town outside of Philadelphia, PA) comes a hip-hop artist who has seen some things, has been there and done that, but after a long look in the mirror, S.G. has taken his game to another level. Adding some introspective ingredients to spice up his artistry, the rapper has created what could potentially be one of the strongest underground hip-hop single releases to date, this year.

Far too often in hip-hop, the status quo becomes boring and stale. There are only so many songs that people can listen to about “stacks” and “hoes”; songs rife with repetitive lyrics clearly objectifying women and glorifying violence. Yet, here comes S.G. to take rap back to where it belongs with thoughtful and whimsical wordplay, stripping his soul bare while telling a story of striving to be a better man and artist.

Case in point, “Blowing in the Wind” where S.G. makes the proclamation, “I’m trying to take it back, to a place I’ve been, when it was easier to win, I used to always win. Before I felt the pain, before I lived in sin, before I felt like I was blowing in the wind.” This line exemplifies S.G. as a man that has grown up and is resolving to do better after the things he has seen.

This is a man that is focused and determined to turn the hip-hop game on its ear and to let the world know he is grateful for the blessings that have been bestowed upon him. The wordplay and the flow really bounces like an old-school track.

“Blowing in the Wind” allows the listener to examine S.G.’s conscience after he goes for quality over quantity in life and relationships. The song allows the listener to imagine the humble joys of appreciating your wife, kids and family. “I had to re-evaluate all my goals in life. Re-calculate the importance of the things I like,” raps S.G.

It’s such a positive hook that highlights what the audience should value and appreciate; it brings home the idea that it’s not always about having the most expensive toys, the most beautiful girls, or the most intoxicating substances. The most important things may be what you already have in your home and heart.

Musically and lyrically, “Blowing in the Wind” tells a story of growing up to realize that you have to live with the consequences of your decisions. Hence you can remain static within your bad life choices and wither like a wilted weed, or you can change and re-flourish like freshly blooming flower.

Plato once ruminated that a man, kept in a cave with only shadows to keep him company, would soon embrace the darkness as his true reality. When he was shown the light, he was, at first, blinded, before coming to appreciate it. S.G. seems to have found his light in life, and now with “Blowing in the Wind”, he is trying to lead others towards it.

If you’re itching to hear some hard hitting bars that’ll have you reflecting on your own perspective, I suggest that you peep this joint out!


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