April 19, 2024

Nineteen year old Seasonal, has been making music for 5 years as a producer and newly as an artist. Strictly independent, he produces most of his beats, creates his own cover art, does my own vocal mixing, and has also started to work on upcoming videos. He chose his moniker Seasonal, because he switches genres and style according to what fits his mood at the time. Moving from love songs to heartbreak tunes, music is not only a passionate hobby bust also a remedy for his afflictions. Seasonal lost a lot of close friends to suicide, gang violence and drugs. “When I make music, I release all my sense of depression,” says the artist. “I truly don’t know where I would be If I didn’t start making music.”

Seasonal’s comes out banging with skittering trap hi-hats and booming 808s on his latest track, entitled “Mess” (Prod. Valious). “Bitch I am the man right now. You look like a hot mess chilling on the side now yeah. You’ll be chilling on the sidelines now. Now you gotta find out that the guy don’t want you.”

Seasonal sounds confident and comfortable as he rides the beat, switching his melodic flow to fit into the pocket. He sounds alert, refreshed, and sometimes thrilled on the track, shifting between cadences and registers with dexterity. No doubt he is having fun executing this ‘malicious’ narrative.

“Mess” (Prod. Valious), fuses Seasonal’s melodic flow and braggadocio with a clashing trap instrumental, where he matches the impaling 808s with a punchy vocal delivery. Seasonal’s vocal performance really holds up as the strongest aspect of the project, even though the production bangs more than I expected. He shows off his range, while his talent for creating an infectious hook can be plainly heard in the choruses.

Running through his catalog, it clear that Seasonal is able to move between a rap flow, a sing-song style and a full-on croon with ease, showing off serious chops and an unmatched ear for melody. Because of all of the fun tricks and sly turns Seasonal litters his music with, it’s easy to overlook some of his stellar lines.

But second closer listen, proves that he knows how to throw lyrical imagery together. His is a vivid world that’s simultaneously impossible to fully imagine, and yet almost tangible. Sometimes sad, spacey and psychedelic sounding – as on his album “Generatixn Lxve”Seasonal always executes his songs with believability, authenticity, and passion.

“Mess” (Prod. Valious) is a particularly exciting track, featuring guitar-driven production from Valious, who is quickly becoming underrated as a producer. If he has a mission statement, this is it. It radiates joy and indignation, twisting those two things together so forcefully that the two emotions become one.

It means the track is constantly moving, transitioning from one feeling to the next. Seasonal knows how to use his voice, and twists it into different directions to suit the narrative. In a period of increased anxiety and uncertainty when everyone seems to be holding their breath for the next tragedy Seasonal offers a temporary reprieve with “Mess” (Prod. Valious).

Here he has honed his rhymes and vocal delivery, stretching his voice to emphasize each line. Who knows where he’ll go next…



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