June 14, 2024

D.A. SMART, Da General and Tra Cee brings us a heartfelt banger with “Missing You”, all about intense longing and loss. The created the song to memorialize their fallen family member / label-mate Cabrina ‘Mz. Lady’ Smith. Music wields a strong connection to emotions. There’s no doubt that it can be therapeutic in the worst situations. Certain songs set our moods or activate specific memories as soon as we hear them.


Whether you’re bereaved or connected to someone who’s currently mourning a loss, you’ll find “Missing You” powerful and emotional. “You’ve been my friend for thirty years. I guess that’s why I can’t stop these tears. From the moment we picked up the phone, we get the news you weren’t coming home. Wish someone could tell us what went wrong.”

Many songs can touch your heart, but “Missing You” just grabs your heart and crushes it. From all forms of music, Hip Hop is perhaps the most suited for emotional expression, because of the important part lyrics (can and should) play in the genre, and D.A. SMART, Da General and Tra Cee show us exactly why that is.

Da General

D.A. SMART and Da General bring the thoughtful bars and rhymes, while Tra Cee croons soulfully, giving the track and extra emotional layer. The three artists never overdo the melodramatics, pumping just enough real emotion into the verses to keep you hooked to the narrative.

The opening rap lines by D.A. SMART quickly set the urgency of the mood: “I can’t believe this happened. My whole family been shattered. It’s not supposed to be this tragic, I can’t even imagine continuing along with you gone, and I can’t believe I’m making this song.”

Tra Cee

Then Da General kicks in smoothly: “I can’t believe that I’m making this song, so Ima keep it brief, I ain’t gonna make it too long. One minute you’re here and the next you was gone. Boy I can’t believe that God has taken you home.” Tra Cee’s sweet and soulful hook does the rest to cement the feeling: “I’m missing you, girl I’m missing you.”

This is an intense song that will especially hit people hard who ever lost a loved one. What really gets the trio’s cylinders firing in this gilded tribute is the opportunity to trade their personal thoughts and respect for Cabrina ‘Mz. Lady’ Smith. Pulsating with varied amounts of pain, love, sorrow, and acceptance, “Missing You” effectively combines the passion that each artist put into the track.

D.A. SMART, Da General and Tra Cee satisfy expectations perfectly, reigning in the song’s spiritual energy and expanding on it, emphasizing this vibe throughout, harnessing the lightning in a bottle, and bringing the fire and emotion necessary to make the track as impacting for us, as it is for them. They brought three different identities to the studio, and excelled at creating great chemistry on “Missing You”.

Check out DA SMART (@DASmart12): https://twitter.com/DASmart12?s=09
Check out Da General (@DaGeneral7414): https://twitter.com/DaGeneral7414?s=09
Check out TraCee 🎃🎈🔪💀 (@TraCee_tr): https://twitter.com/TraCee_tr?s=09
https://www.terrorrecordsinc.com/mz-lady – RIP/Memorial Page

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