July 12, 2024

Lafayette is an Akron, OH native; now residing in Los Angeles County California. He has a music distribution deal with Dolla 4 Dolla Entertainment and Empire Music of Universal Music Group.  Lafayette’s debut single “Pretty Girls”, is out right now, while his debut mixtape “A Time To Be Alive”, is set to drop the summer of 2020, featuring the single “Best Smoke”, which is a tribute to the late Nipsey Hussle. Technical flow, cadence, word play, punch lines, and storytelling, the Akron native brings it all. These tracks contain his powerful messages, street wit and sound lyricism that create an enjoyable listen from start to finish.

“Pretty Girls” showcases a rapper finally crossing the line and ready to reap the benefits of his hard work.  Lafayette is on a mission to show that he’s nowhere like a lot of his peers and he lets it be known on this single, where he empowers women, while showing off his swag.

What makes the track so dope is that he doesn’t come across as preachy and corny, he just rides the beat with utter ease, while spitting his personal truths. The production on this track is really dope too, and the smooth melodic hook completely takes it through the roof. Gushes of lush strings abound, as waves of vocal harmony comes in to juxtapose Lafayette’s urgent and emotional verses.

Lafayette is at his sharpest, offering a nostalgic but refreshed taste of the current state of the genre. Among his contemporaries, he’s much closer to the ideal formula of beats, writing and delivery, which makes his music that much more effective.

Lafayette also has striking storytelling, which he wraps up inside its own identity. The production and emotional weight of his lyrics on “Pretty Girls”, push the track forward, and the grittiness in his voice adds immediacy.

The style of rap he represents on “Best Smoke”, full of vivid imagery, hasn’t had a prominent stage in popular music of late. As it’s been overtaken by all the emo-mumblers and auto-tuned squawkers.  This track however, shows a man who is relentless in honing his craft, as he gets closer to that debut mixtape with each track.

Channeling the spirit of Nipsey Hussle, Lafayette spews the explicit narrative, holding nothing back: “She know I like it face down with her ass up.” With a spirited grit wrapping itself around Lafayette’s throaty delivery, an adrenaline-like energy courses through song.

Though he draws from classic hip-hop’s lyrical attacks, Lafayette still able to switch pace and capture what’s happening sonically in today’s contemporary rap. These songs represent a step forward for Lafayette as he works to be an important force in his own right. In this hip-hop era where much of the emphasis is put on the vibe of a record, his authenticity can cut through the trend.

Lafayette is one of the current artists who has bars and knows how to spit lyrical content better than most you will find nowadays. The reality is Lafayette is simply chasing his passions in his life. He raps for himself, and fans of the genre, not the DJ on the radio.

Instagram: Lafayettemusiq
YouTube: Lafayette Musiq
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/lafayettemusiq

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