July 13, 2024

Jordan Everist is a producer from Portland, Oregon. Due to life getting busy and having his first child, it’s been 3 years since his last release. Recognizing a lot of people are going to be sitting bored at home because of Covid-19, he jumped at the opportunity to create and be heard. Until 2017 Everist had been finding his musical voice within a series of stunning tracks. Specifically on his “Vacancy” and “Call It A Night” projects, where his compositions showed a unique flexibility and verve, a glowing life that dripped, melted, and molded around the subtle melodies, providing the precise rhythmic support and atmospheric frame that they needed.

A return to the drawing board in 2020, and his latest release – the 11 track “Your Friendly Neighborhood Mixtape” – certifies that all of Jordan Everist’s aforementioned qualities are still in place, and may even have been enhanced in most cases.

Whether working in strands of hip-hop, ambient, soundtrack or whatever might come to his mind, there’s something inherently glowing about Jordan Everist’s beats. He finds joy and fun in them all. That same approach comes to bear on his latest release which is immersed in the instrumental hip-hop idiom.

These 11 tracks provide ample evidence of the producer’s 360-degree skills, often undercut with the clattery skitter of hi-hats and snappy snares, woozy basslines and escalating keys, all of which are testament to his hip-hop chops. “Your Friendly Neighborhood Mixtape” is an evolution of Everist’s musical progression which blends into a brilliant cohesive body of music.

Right from track one, “One Sunny Day… (The Introduction)”, Everist chooses to color beyond the lines and create what others haven’t heard, showing zero restraint when it comes to his song writing. He’s consistently creative and his choices are more than often unconventional, as can be heard in the choice of organ sounds here.

Both “Shoelace Belt (Stasis)”, and the banging “Trust Me (The Experiment)”, are showcases of how Jordan Everist allows tiny melodic motifs to shine and dictate the momentum of the instrumentals. Resulting in lush beat dominated songs that perfectly blend together.

Everist continues to wow with “2099 (Test Run)” and “Great Responsibility (Step Towards Destiny)”, as the listener is consumed with captivating, bass-booming, atmospheric vibes.

“Ronin (The Misunderstanding)”, “Venom (The Samaritan)” and “Lens Flare (Hospice)”, continues the mixtape’s powerful narrative, in an eclectic mix of rhythm, style, and tone. From the moment you press play on any of these songs, you will be blown away with their unique sonic moods, through Jordan Everist’s ability to blend diverse sounds and rhythms into a singular cohesive piece of work.

Though the Portland producer has been quiet for a while, his music has only grown richer and more complex. Everist makes a warm mix of classic hip-hop flavors, and the smoothness of his banging instrumentals feel like an antidote to his electronic contemporaries.

Leap Of Faith (Owning It)”, “The Comeback (Final Confrontation)” and “A Hero Was Born (End Credits)” play final testimony to Jordan Everist’s tendencies for hard head-nodding instrumentals, rather than dance floor fodder, on “Your Friendly Neighborhood Mixtape”.

His music, no matter the style, is effortless and relaxed – even when it jumps right out at you. Jordan Everist has always had a way of pulling you into his sonic orbit, and this mixtape shows that he certainly isn’t stopping now!


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