April 18, 2024

Running through Vinnie Jinn’s catalog, the first thing that becomes clear, is that no two songs sound the same. The professional musician, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, has a vast and disparate range of soundscapes tucked under his belt. And he should have. Vinnie has been making music since the early nineties. His collection counts 3 full albums, a series of singles, and over 300 songs produced as a ghost writer for artists in 6 different countries. Apart from working in almost every known electronic genre, Vinnie Jinn also produces music for the film, game and jingle industries. Currently he is promoting his single, “I See My Horizon”.

With no major label support, or any tracks riding the mainstream radio charts Vinnie Jinn has managed to surpass expectations and build an impressive discography. His songs literally offer up a treasure trove of suave rhythms, atmospheric textures, and vocals that ooze smooth worldly talent.

Case in point, his latest single, “I See My Horizon”— with its breezy beat and melodic airs — embodies the effortless cool that Vinnie has long perfected over the course of his tenure at the top of his craft, seamlessly weaving between breakbeat, chillout, acid jazz, hip-hop, and more.

“I See My Horizon” exudes the same kind of musical richness and diversity of sound that fans and critics alike have come to expect from Vinnie Jinn. It is an impressive addition to his collection, and speaks to his lasting creativity and staying power within a set of ever changing genres.

Vinnie’s music has often been eclectic, soothing and powerful — and this track does not shy away from any of those elements. Jangly guitars, warm synth pads, groovy basslines and slapping drums gently drive the arrangement, as Vinnie’s mellifluous vocals smoothly ride the beat.

The punchy drums and catchy melody of “I See My Horizon” punctuate the quintessential easy-listening and soulful Vinnie Jinn vibe. The resonating guitar lines also remain one of the main instrumental themes throughout the song.

Vinnie creates a tonal feeling of awe and light that surges with self-discovery and acknowledgment. It is another reliable entry into the canon of one of the more eclectic and forward-thinking producers out there. “I See My Horizon” is a mark of excellence, on the way towards putting out a defining work.

“I See My Horizon” is Vinnie Jinn’s equivalent to a warm embrace, welcoming you into a world far different the ones you are currently hearing on mainstream, and not without its own intriguing twists and turns. It’s an uncompromising adventure that Vinnie sets you out on, guiding you through his world of sounds and concepts. His music on this track, is free, energetic and dare I say, soothing.

A single, in essence, is simply a snippet of time, showing where an artist is, at any given time, in his or her career. On a narrative level Vinnie Jinn seems to be in a reflective state on “I See My Horizon”, while creatively and musically he is flying high. Vinnie Jinn has created a song that crawls into your ears and then seeps into you soul.



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