April 16, 2024

Simply a perfect vibe for a great time. Top notch instruments and vocals that all music lovers love. Bucci Bandz and his blood brother Larry Le teamed up and have an arsenal of hits. Bucci Bandz is a new music artist and well respected intellectual; promoter, and entrepreneur from Memphis, TN. Bucci was given a nickname given to him as a child by his eldest aunt and it stuck.

Bucci is known as a thinker and leader among his peers; holds several degrees and accolades along with being a Sports lover and Football Champion. Bucci also worked in the summers with “Hustle and Flow” director Craig Brewer. Bucci entered the entertainment scene promoting shows with top name artist such as Jim Jones, Boosie, Weebie, Unk, Baby D, OOmp Camp and more.

Bucci’s goal was to use the money to capitalize his business to promote hot unsigned artist and other entertainment endeavors. Early lessons of Him trying to outsmart the system, living on edge, being undisciplined and greedy this resulted in him being “Banned” from several casinos country and a massive club raid in Clarksville, TN.

In return as a skilled Mathematician, Bucci decided to give back by mentoring and educating youngsters through sports and making dope music for hustlers and entrepreneurs.

Bucci Bandz is on radio rotation with the track “That’s Fasho” ft. Larry Le.


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