July 19, 2024

D’andre O’range is an award-winning musician from Macon, Ga. Who rose to prominence in 2004 as a member of a local collective rap group known as The Ghost Squad with local artists C. Wind and Hotflame. The Ghost Squad established a loyal fan base in the middle Georgia area, off of their 2004 album “Live from the Graveyard”. In 2005, D’andre O’range collaborated with artist Spit Phi, to release the album “Curse of the Black Dragon” and again in 2018 to release “Money & Cars”. Currently, D’andre O’range is promoting his new single “I’m The Man”.

The new single is everything you would want from him and more. D’andre O’range is one of those niche artists who appeals to wide swaths of fans from EDM, the hip-hop beat community, as well as soul and R&B heads. Despite all of these different perspectives and musical flavors, the artist manages to keep his singular vision in focus without getting lost in musical cul-de-sacs.

“I’m The Man” is as smooth as they come with its steady, hip-hop percussion, woozy synths and an organic feel that is rare for electronic music. The vocals add their own charm, as D’andre O’range shows off his rhyming skills, but he isn’t totally reliant on them with plenty of melodic instrumental motifs sprinkled throughout the track.

D’andre O’range has a kaleidoscopic nature for sound design and a freewheeling confidence that he infuses into all of his songs. It seems like on “I’m The Man” he decided he wanted to acknowledge the strengths of what made his previous work attractive, while attempting to make something different. The result is an effortless showcase of the way he can command a song, and the strength of his electo-centric beats.

“I’m The Man” is an explosive single for him, as colorful as it is attention-grabbing. It should put the whole world onto its soulful beat that wraps itself around the vocals like a giant cushion, unashamedly prompting the listener to focus on the inflexion and grooves of both the music and the voices. The avenue D’andre O’range moves down is a cultured, well-mannered electronic sound that is bolstered by a head nodding beat.

The one-two punch of vocals and music is especially impactful because of the aromatic qualities of each on this song – sticky, syrupy vocals from D’andre O’range himself, as well as thumping drums, muddy basslines and creamy keys with a certain tang to them. The sound design throughout is what we’ve come to expect from the genre: popping percussion, synths that melt like butter and a healthy dose of technical tricks to make everything bump.

Sprinkled around “I’m The Man” are instrumental passages that keep the record flowing in characterful fashion, whether it be the shimmering electric keys or mellifluous laidback vibes which brings back memories of crystal clear vintage grooves.

D’andre O’range has struck such a perfect balance, where his production talents shine through, to sit right alongside his vocal endeavors. In an era of pure musical bombast, “I’m The Man” is a rare record that’s packed with plenty melodic goodies and an effortlessly aura of cool.


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